Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nefarious, Losers in Life's Lottery Never Win

We see it repeatedly in films and our lives. Yep, the losers in life's lottery (a seemingly permanent underclass) always lose. Sure...they can exhibit great planning and intelligence...but something interferes...they'll still lose. Karma? The Elite? A judgmental God? Hopeless they are...but they may keep trying. These poor souls, in the 2019 Richard Rowntree film "Nefarious," their chronic misfortune may get a bit more...well...nefarious.
Darren (Buck Braithwaite) is the two-timing BF of Lou (Nadia Lamin). These two losers are quite the pair...he can't keep a job and she may have a coke problem. On the other side of town dwells a couple of the top one-percenters. Marcus (Toby Wynn-Davies) is a meticulous man, living in a ritzy home, caring for his 'mentally-challenged' brother Clive (Gregory A. Smith). All of the above will have their lives thrown together when Darren, and his other GF Jo (Abbey Gillett) figure out Marcus and Clive may be sitting on a fortune in their safe. The three pull in the clueless and bong-addicted Mas (Omari Lake- Pottinger) for a very planned heist.
As Richard Rowntree introduces us to Lou, Darren, Mas, and Jo, we know good fortune will always escape them. Their repeated losing in life's lottery is no coincidence as the ability to work an honest day or make a rational game plan eludes them. On the other hand, we are touched when Mr. Rowntree introduces us to the caring and doting Marcus as he tends to the needs of Clive. So sweet. These two seem to be in for a rude awakening when the quartet of losers decide to break into their home. Ahhhh...but wait! Remember, this is a horror film. No spoilers here but what follows will have your jaw dropping and primed for a gore-fest. Oh yeah...remember the bong-addicted will not believe his fate.
Just who are the real victims in this film? Will anything nefarious happen to the sweet, mentally-challenged Clive? Do the losers in life's lottery have a prayer at getting away with their hair-brained robbery? This film works well as a crime-thriller, but don't be fooled, by the end credits, there will be no doubt that you just watched a bloody horror film. With excellent acting and direction, "Nefarious" is a film you will want to see...and will be shocked by. For the losers in life's cruel lottery, watch this film and heed its warning.

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  1. The last photo looks like you in your avatar, another great review, the champion of the underdog, lets see if any of these schmucks will get a break!