Sunday, August 4, 2019

Replikator, Lisa Howard's Magnum Opus

Lisa Howard is a stunning actress best known for her portrayal of a sultry doctor in the TV show "Highlander." In that show, this beauty had a torrid love relationship with the immortal Scot...every woman's fantasy. She also has a big role in today's film, 1994's "Replikator." She is in this film quite a bit even though her character, Lena, has no significance in it. Lisa Howard is very pretty so we don't mind that the camera is on her a lot even though she has no importance to the story. An hour after the end of this film the only thing you might remember about "Replikator" is Lisa Howard looked really great in a leather jacket.
Where were we? Ah yes...Lisa Howard...well, never mind her. Ludo (Michael St. Gerard) is an ex-con who has created a duplicator machine. In other words, you put anything in one end, and two come out the other side. But will this work on humans? Ludo is ready to try. Bad news, the evil Scott (Ron Lea) heads an evil corporation inventing the same thing. Scott has co-opted two of Ludo's darlings, Kathy (Brigitte Bako) and Lena (Howard). The two beauties came to work for Scott when Ludo was framed and was sent up river for two years. As the government (oh yes, this story takes place in 2014 and the government is jokes here) tries to rub out Ludo causing him to accidentally go through the duplicator.
Now there are two Ludos...the original and the evil clone. Again, Ludo is framed and sent up river while the new Ludo slices up the world's most famous stripper (Ilona Staller), exotic dancer, I mean. As the evil Ludo suffers an inferiority complex because he isn't the original, he makes a move to take over Scott's company putting both aforementioned damsels in mortal danger. Lena will look very concerned wearing a smart leather jacket. The good  Ludo is sprung from jail by a sympathetic cop (Ned Beatty). Now Ludo must find and go to war with his evil duplicate.
Enough of the plot. This 96 minute film could have been cut to 71 minutes, but 25 minutes of Lisa matter how better than two hours of that new "Captain Marvel" ninny. For a wild, ambitious, gratuitous, and cerebral science fiction tale...with Lisa Howard in a leather jacket...see "Replikator," directed by Philip Jackson.

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  1. Great review, that last picture reminds me of that Italian porn star who married that American art, Jeoff Koons, now that gets you thinking!!