Friday, August 30, 2019

Paranormal Demons, Dangerous Hoaxes

Yep...those videos of real hauntings we find on YouTube...all fake! Next, let us go to 'The Dark Web," how about those videos? Fake? Sure they are...after all, there are no ghosts. Science can explain everything. This is easy for us to say as we sit at home, comfortably playing on the internet and watching TV. It is easy to be a cynic when our carpets don't emanate a stench of the corpses of 100 children all tortured to death by Nazis and Soviets. Hence, 2018's "Paranormal Demons," a David Bruckner film.
Sweet Mary (Olivia Dean) studious and cute. The nubile college student undertakes a project to disprove a haunting she found on the aforementioned 'dark web.' (Hey, it beats a lengthy thesis on feminine political thought in Bronte's literature). It is a brutal video in which two ghost hunters meet a bloody demise at the hands of a hulking demon...all fake, of course. Or is it? Enter her crew; Josh (Josh Madry)...the room mate and producer, Julia (Ildiko Preszly)...a nubile redhead who brings the beer (Beck's, of course), Michael (Sebastian Matthias Weissback), and the camera guy Dave (Bruckner). Time to begin, so our quintet drives 50 kilometers out of Berlin to interview a medium, Miss White (Kristina Kostiv). Lucky for us this medium is a babe...unlucky for the quintet, she is possessed by a demon during a seance.
As the quintet run out screaming from Miss White's mansion, they quickly arrive at an abandoned sanitarium. Uh oh...the Nazis and Soviets did awful things to patients there. The team sets up right away. The perky Mary tasks her people and they not only try to find hauntings, but also show how they can be faked. Finding the hauntings will prove easier. That hulking demon is back and he has the biggest axe and sharpest knives in Germany. The fiend goes after the team and now they are running scared, trying to survive. Mary, ever the nubile trooper, tries to keep her eyes on her goal but her team frightens easily. What follows is frights and gore and we do so want the sweet and nubile gals to survive...Mary because she is so sweet, and Julia because she brings the Beck's.
Is the entire team destined to be chopped to pieces by the hulking fiend? Is this a real haunting...or is Mary right, which means the monster is mortal? What is the history of this abandoned sanitarium, and just how many potential ghosts await the quintet? We get a lot of character development in the first half of "Paranormal Demons," but the wait will be worth while as the ghost/fiend is horrific and determined to disembowel. Great job by David Bruckner and his cast in delivering a nice horror film with one of the best haunted settings ever put on film.

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  1. Becks and Babes, add me to the peep list!!