Friday, June 14, 2024

The Brides Wore Blood, American Euro-Trash

Looks like Euro-Trash. Even has lookalike Euro-Babes!  You know...those babes who are in peril, nude, and often meet bloody fates. You may even say Spain...or Malta when you see the scenes. Nope! This is a Florida film.  Today we have a film with babes in peril, sometimes nude, often covered in blood, and stalked by a vampire seeking to mate. A metaphor for coeds on American college campuses, perhaps. With nubile and full-breasted dames in great danger, we will look at 1972's "The Brides Wore Blood," directed by Bob Favorite.

Juan (Chuck Faulkner) is a vampire, in Spain, perhaps. He got that way when ancestors played with the occult and could not keep it in the bottle, so to speak. Now every male offspring of his will also be a vampire. He needs a wife to breed with. Carlos (Paul Everitt) is his weird uncle and conspires with Madam Von Kirst (Billie Jensen), a medium, to break the curse. The two are'll see. Okay, don't ask too many questions, but four babes are needed...this is Carlos and Von Kirst's paln. Yvonne (Dolores Friedline) is selected to be the bride and she is lured overseas to Juan's mansion.  Also lured there are three other babes; Dana (Dolores Starling), Vickie (Rita Ballard), and babe Laura (Jan Sherman). Eventually they all will dine with Juan and Carlos as he selects Dolores as his bride. 

Juan and Carlos trick the quartet, or drug them, to spend the night. At night Juan feeds on the nubile and negligee duo of Dana and will be turned into a vampire, the other will be drained. Laura's worthless BF will arrive and accomplish absolutely nothing as Juan turns a machete on him. Entranced, the naked Yvonne will be groped and caressed by Juan as he plants his seed into her.  Now what?  You'll see.  Now the real gore and horror will occur.  Meanwhile, Carlos and the Madam believe they have a plan to end the family curse.  Irony and twists abound and the ending will be a lot more horrific than first thought.

So sad, so many nubile babes die horribly, but will Yvonne emerge as a 'Final Girl'?  Will there be a nice catfight between Yvonne and vampire Dana?  Will the family curse continue in Yvonne's offspring or will she do something about it?  Alluring, erotic, prurient, and graphic..."The Brides Wore Blood" is a fine piece of American Euro-Trash."

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