Sunday, June 30, 2024

Cocaine Shark, If Pfizer Made Jaws

Pharmaceuticals and the companies that make them. Yes...scarier than great whites! Not the first time a vaccine has been hastily thrown out there and killed millions. How many have sharks killed over the past 25 years? contest. What if sharks were given drugs?  It would be such a beautiful thing.  In this movie it would be a ferocious hammerhead with crab legs that roars. Today we look at 2023's Polonia Brothers film "Cocaine Shark," directed by Mark Polonia.

With the help of pharmaceutical scientists (future Pfizer employees) a new psychedelic drug, HT25, is created. It causes more intense trips than LSD. Neil (Titus Himmelberger) is an undercover narc seeking to bust Gaurisco's (Ken Van Sant) empire.  Gaurisco is securing all the east coast markets and knocking off rivals with the help of his main henchman, Fuente (Ryan Dalton). To keep a close eye on the narc, Gaurisco sends his femme fatale babe, Persephone (Natalie Himmelberger) to seduce him and lure him into the gang. Part of this seduction is to feed Neil HT25.  The drug causes both Persephone and Neil to trip so badly they seem to remember becoming sharks and eating people.

Okay, an explosion at the lab sends a mad doctor (Mark Polonia) on the run with the HT25.  Gaurisco wants it.  Also set loose after the explosion is the aforementioned crab/hammerhead monster.  The shark thing eats many people. Gaurisco and Fuente are on the doctor's trail and soon Neil and Persephone are too. We're not sure if Persephone is falling in love with Neil or just luring him out to sea to murder him. Now out to sea, the duo will have to elude the shark thing that seeks to eat anyone in its way. Now everyone converges on an island inhabited by a mentally unstable babe (Samantha Coolidge).  With the monster feeding, the thugs, our narc, our femme fatale, and insaniac babe must tread carefully.

Will Neil be able to bust Neil and his operation?  Will Persephone continue carnal relations with Neil, or we she kill him?  Would Jacques Cousteau have stood a chance with this hammerhead thing? Drugs are an evil thing...they will fry your brain...or get you eaten by mutant monsters.  To enjoy a psychedelic tripping movie experience, see "Cocaine Shark." It appears on the free streaming service, Mometu. 

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