Friday, June 28, 2024

Brides of Satan, Strippers, Bikers, and Satanists!

This blog loves Mindy Robinson. Her X (Twitter) stream is one of the best on all social media ( @iheartmindy ). Now we have her in a Joe Bizarro film about lesbian bikers, Satanists, strippers, and vengeance. No, not "Manchester By the Sea." Filmed as if it were an early 1970s drive-in/exploitation epic, Mindy Robinson tops Pamela Anderson and her film "Barb Wire" by a mile. Nudity, gore, and catfights in a story that is a metaphor for our times await when you put on 2020's "Brides of Satan," showing on the free streaming service of Mometu ( @freemometu ) on X.

The lovely and naive Mary (Robinson) wants to give her fiancĂ©, Charlie (Michael Reed), a special gift. She takes him for a lap dance at a seedy strip club. Mary, herself, is turned on when Samantha Whitehaven (Olivia Bellafontaine) does her thing. Oh, just before this, Sarah French as the club manager, warns them to leave. Mary is insistent on giving her beau something dirty. Three hoodlum lesbian/Satanists converge on the club led by Switchblade Kitty (Anastasia Elfman) as she wants to 'ruin something beautiful.' She and her cohorts will  abduct Charlie and Mary and bring them to a warehouse where she will gut Charlie and attempt to sacrifice Mary on a pentagram. Through bad timing by a rival gang's invasion, Mary escapes. Now she has Satanist lesbians and an evil biker gang after her. Come have to be hooked by now. 

Lenny (John Troyer) saves Mindy and nurses her back to health. Lenny? Think of the trailer trash version of Mr. Miyagi. Lenny teaches Mindy to be strong in body and mind and also how to use a katana sword. Now Mary embarks on a trek of vengeance to track down the satanist lesbians who murdered Charlie.  She'll use her sword to disembowel and decapitate.  She'll go through biker gangs and satanists like crap through a goose. Meanwhile Switchblade Kitty and her satanic lesbians find more couples in love and gut and sacrifice them to Satan. Uh oh...a demon is conjured and will represent another layer of resistance for Mary and her katana sword.

Okay, enough of the plot. I have left out so much. Will Mary and her katana sword succeed in avenging the murder of her fiancĂ©?  Are sleazy strippers and satanic lesbian babes an underused plot device in America's Post-Modern (woke) era? Will the alphabet brigade demand this film be banned? Perhaps a metaphor for the evil the Biden Administration and the Deep State has inflicted on a once great country, "Brides of Satan" needs to be added to your "must see" list. 

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