Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Immanence, The Bermuda Triangle and Atheists

Atheists are weird. They are more likely to believe in Satan than they are in God. They are more likely to choose Satan, as well. Obedience to God is silly and weak, so they claim. Obedience to Satan is self preservation. Don't believe me?  Well...I have a film for you.  Today we look at 2022's "Immanence," directed by Kerry Bellessa.  Warning to you Atheists/scientists...this one may offend you. I would hope you guys would be very inclusive even when seeing something you find offensive.

Jonah (Michael Beach) runs a charter boat. In his spare time he is a radical religious (Pentecostal) zealot chasing Satan. His back story explains this. The owner of the boat, Davis (Eugene Byrd) summons him back from an exorcism as four pukes...I mean scientists charter the boat. The scientists, sent by SETI, believe an extraterrestrial life form has splashed down in the Bermuda Triangle. Roman (Anthony Ruivivar) heads the team and brings his assistant, Naomi (Summer Bellessa), and two babes, Suzu (Asenneth del Toro) and Harper (Kasia Pilewicz). The six head out to sea with fancy equipment that seems to lock on weird signals coming from the ocean floor.  They find the location and all hell breaks loose.  Literally.

Okay, Jonah tries to convince the team that the phenomenon currently occurring undersea is not E.T. manufactured...but maybe biblical. This brings him scorn and ridicule from the scientists/atheists. Then weird stuff begins least to the scientists. Jonah, who has read the Bible knows what is going on. A pig comes up from the depths and this freaks out the atheists. Then a parallel dimension appears... you'll see.  When pigs and parallel dimensions come calling, Atheists find themselves short on proven data. Oh, those two babes...and you will like them...especially Harper...well, they are fifth and sixth in the credits.  Satan has a special place in Hell for those characters fifth and sixth in the credits it seems. Oh, Satan (Jamie McShane)? He'll show up and put a real downer on this scientific expedition. 

Just what did splash down in the Bermuda Triangle?  Will part-time exorcist Jonah be able to exorcise the devil on his boat?  Will a lifetime of denying God doom everyone else on the boat?  This is a creepy good one.  If you saw 2023's "Nefarious," this one has similar themes.  It is nice to see Atheists mocked in the movies, for a change.  See "Immanence" and if you really want to delve into God, read the Book of John or listen to old Adrian Rogers sermons.

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