Saturday, June 8, 2024

Offworld: Alien Planet, Incompetent Crew Fails

What does the future look like?  Women commanders on space missions.  You ever notice that even in the movies, this does not work? Biden and woke-NASA promised us a woman stepping on the moon by 2024. Guess what!  Not happening. Best bet for someone to step on the moon comes from India or China. As America takes woke and diversity hires into the future, our feature today shows us what the results will be.  Today we look at 2024's "Offworld: Alien Planet," directed by Terry Cooper.

Global warming, though proven a scam, is used as a trope in this film to tell us that Earth is failing and we need to colonize other worlds. Earth assembles the best and brightest to man (or person) a space mission to another habitable planet.  The cargo will be DNA of plants and people, and 250 Earthlings, no doubt representing diversity, to seed and populate this new world. Jan (Daniella Britten) commands the ship and never makes a decision that's even remotely close to being a good idea.  Her soon to be BF pilot, Russ (Cooper) steers the ship into an asteroid and the thing crashes in the new planet. There is a smart guy in this group who is always right, the security guy Ronson (John Varker). No one listens to him...though they should. You guessed it, Ronson does not check off any DEI boxes.

Led by an incompetent commander, Jan, the surviving crew begin meeting with accidents and parasitic bug things.  The bug things re-animate dead bodies.  Those newly reanimated beings become zombies that eat flesh.  Oh yeah, Carrie (Katerina Clayre) gets impaled by a pipe and is now dying.  After fending off a mini-horde of dead crew members, the merry band of incompetent trudge along at a pace of 15 feet per day.  A slow crew, no doubt.  They are looking for an established colony they believe exists on this rock. There is Chen (Ainsleigh Barber). We like her.  She's got spunk.  What she does not have is any bearing on the plot.  One by one, the surviving crew die.  Ronson tries to start a mutiny, but no one follows.  The incompetents favor Jan.  Pity...they should have followed Ronson.  Let's stop here.  The twists that will occur in the last part of the film only affirm what I have insinuated above.

Was Jan picked as a commander for this mission to save humanity the same way NASA and Biden will pick a woman to be the next human to step on the moon?  Is the end of the human race okay if diversity and inclusion principles are followed?  Don't blame me for this political incorrectness as I point out Hollywood itself chronicles the fates of female-led space expeditions.  See "Offworld: Alien Planet," and then decide if you ever want to fly a Boeing aircraft again.       

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