Sunday, June 2, 2024

Scared, A Knock-Off of Scream

A knock-off of "Scream" means it is not "Scream."  This is just fine with me as I was not a big fan of "Scream." So today we have a confusing, predictable, and un-original film enjoyable.  Of course, this film has something that "Scream" did not have.  Raquel Horton!  As Heather, Ms. Horton is amazing.  All you guys will fall in love with her and all you babes will want to pull her hair out and scratch her eyes out. Sultry and flirty, she is, but will she survive to the end credits.  That is actually a complicated question, and you will see why.  Our feature today is 2002's "Scared," directed by Keith Walley.

Nick (Luciano Saber) and Hamlin (Cory Almeida) are making a horror movie similar to "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The filmmaking duo needs money from the producer (Doug Cole), but he is stingy. The sultry star, Nina (Paityn James), gets killed...during filming. Seems the masked killer with the phony knife was actually a real killer with a real knife...happens, just ask Alec Baldwin. Very sad, Nina was a babe. Enter a substitute babe, Samantha (Kate Norby). Nick used to date her and their is friction between the two. She also used to date Hamlin. Sam's best friend, Heather (Hunter) is the epitome of ditzy. Now in the cast, Sam and Heather will be put in great peril as the killer keeps killing on the set. Each kill seems closer to Sam and Heather.

Heather will scream really well, while in front of the camera, or when the actual killer is after her. Nick and Sam fall in love again and team-up to catch the killer. Cast and crew keep dropping and the sultry Assistant Director (J. Robin Miller) turns up missing leaving a trail of blood. Corpses abound, and Heather...did I mention Raquel Horton as Heather?...screams some more. Sam and Nick will kiss as Hamlin and Heather hook up for...well, you know...and also to solve the case. With two dynamic duos on the case, Heather will keep screaming, and bodies will keep getting slashed.

Will Team Heather or Team Sam solve this case?  Boob job and all, will Heather's annoying voice and proclivity to scream result in her murder?  Will there be a catfight between the sultry Sam and the uber-sultry Heather?  This film is over-the-top heavy on cheese, and we are left hoping some of the babes, if not just Heather, will survive to the end credits.  Do yourself a favor and see Raquel Horton's (a former New York Knick dancer) magnum opus, "Scared."

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