Monday, January 24, 2022

Road Train, 46 Wheeler Terrorizes Hunks and Babes

Nope!  Not an 18-wheeler...a 46-wheeler!  Yep, in Australia, they have these monsters.  Massive rigs pulling massive trailers.  Ever have a 18-wheeler sneak up on your rear and scare the snot out of you with a toot of its horn?  That's nothing.  Picture a 46 wheeler sneaking up on you and running over you murdering you and your entire family!  Makes you appreciate our 18-wheelers we have in the U.S. a lot more.  Today we look at 2010's "Road Train" (aka "Road Kill"), directed by Dean Francis.

Two amorous teen couples, hunks and babes, head out on an ill-fated camping trip. As our film begins, Nina (Sophie Lowe) is going crazy with the pre-marital sex thing with hunk Craig (Bob Morley).  Their grunts, moans, and hoots keep blonde Liz (Georgina Haig) awake.  What's worse, for Liz, her BF, Marcus (Xavier Samuel) doesn't want any part of her.  He just found out that Liz has also been screwing Craig. The next morning the bickering quartet go back in the car, hit the highway and drive.  Soon, the monster 46 wheel road train sneaks up on them and decimates the car.  All survive but Craig has a broken arm.

Needing help, the four realize the monster truck has stopped just up the road. Desperate for help, they go to it...and the fun begins.  A pistol-toting psycho emerges from the outback and the four flee in the truck.  Now, the evil rig possesses them one at a time.  It'll get bloody as the rig needs human blood for food.  Possessing one at a time, the truck tries to get fuel by having one friend kill another.  Gore, carnage, jealousy, bickering, and catfights will abound.  Craig seems to be the easiest for the truck to possess, and now the truck wants more than just the four of them for fuel.

Will any of these four grouchy, but great looking teens survive to the end credits?  Is this film a metaphor for the coming failure of ethanol as a gas additive?  Is our dependence on oil a little easier to stomach once we know what the alternatives are?  Gore, sex, hunks, and babes, "Road Train" is a terrific and bloody horror flick.  Forget electric cars, see a movie with a real engine!   


  1. Sounds good. I'll have to see if it lives up to "Duel" though.

  2. forget about the hunks, i'll take the babes thanks and the road kill to put on the barbie