Thursday, January 6, 2022

Doctor of Doom, Mexican Babe Wrestlers and Mad Men

Ah! Women's wrestling.  Yep.  Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, G.L.O.W.'s Tina Ferrari!  Who are your favorites?  Gratuitous exploitation at its best!  Why hasn't U.S. cinema gone crazy with these babes.  A Gail Kim TV show or movie would be infinitely more interesting than a Kate Winslet film or any of those "Law & Order" idiocies.  Fortunately our good neighbors to the south, at one time, did give the grappling babes some well deserved attention.  Today's feature, 1963's "Doctor of Doom," directed by Rene Cardona. 

Sultry scientist, Alicia (Sonia Infante) is abducted by the mad doctor.  She'll die on his operating table as four babes before her.  The mad doctor seeks to replace someone else's brain into the skull of these babes...a goal of many a husband and boyfriend.  The cops are on this case.  So is Alicia's sultry sister, Gloria Venus (Lorena Velazquez), Mexico's top female wrestler.  Joining Gloria is her best buddie and tag team partner, Golden Rubi (Elizabeth Campbell).  Unfortunately for Gloria and Rubi, the mad doctor has decided that his transplant experiment will work if his babe subjects were athletically adept...hence he seeks our tag team duo.

The gals will be put in immediate danger as the mad doctor sends his half man/half gorilla to fetch the babes.  The monster knocks the babes out and brings them to the secret laboratory.  A lot of wrestling and fighting will occur as the two cops (Armando Campos and Chucho Salinas) will bumble in their investigation.  The gals seem to get the drop on our fiendish mystery man but he is one step ahead of them.  Now, thinking they have escaped a fate worse than death, our two beauties concentrate on wrestling and the two cops. Little do they know, our mad doctor, his thugs, and gorilla-man (Gerardo Zepeda) refuse to be denied.  Now our nubile grapplers are in more danger than ever, in and outside the ring.

What surprises does our doctor of doom have for our beautiful tag team duo?  If the doctor of doom selects Gloria as a mating partner, does this leave Rubi for our gorilla-man?  Can anyone seriously make a claim that a re-make of this film staring Gail Kim would not be the box office sensation of this century?  For some fine Mexican horror/exploitation, see "Doctor of Doom."

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