Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Theta Girl, Drugs, Rock, and Disembowelment

When Ahab turned his back on righteousness to pursue the great white whale, he doomed himself to an eternity of death and torment.  Herman Melville warned us about abandoning God and seeking evil...hence Ahab ended up a corpse tied to the thing that consumed him.  Moby Dick was written so long ago and many may find it difficult to relate to.  So let's pick a story set in today's club scene, with rock bands, psychedelic drugs, and a cute band manager/drug dealer.  A modern day Ahab!  Today we will look at 2017's "The Theta Girl," directed by Christopher Bickel.

Gayce (Victoria Elizabeth Donofrio) has given up on the real world.  She's been betrayed and stomped on by it.  She finds salvation in a drug she pushes called Theta.  This psychedelic drug pulls everyone in a club into the same hallucination which is guided over by a mysterious deity (demon, perhaps) that seems to offer acceptance, beauty, and rest for the weary.  Uh oh...her best buddy has been disemboweled and she swears revenge.  Suspects?  Quickly she focuses on three evangelical witnesses who peddle Bible tracks and try to get clubbers to repent.  This trio is led by the pious Brother Marcus (Shane Silman). 

Gayce's new quest begins accidentally with a massacre of two old folks...happens.  Having tasted blood, she plots the murder of the three church guys.  Uh oh...this trio is all about killing Satan's children and they see all Gayce's friends, including her girl band, as these children.  They, too, embark on massacres.  Chainsaws, crowbars, boiling water, knives, and toilet tank lids will all be utilized.  Intestines will be ripped out and made into macabre artwork.  Gayce's journey to murder the fiends that killed her friends also takes her into the hallucinatory world ruled by the weird nymph (Nikki Gonzalez).  Now Gayce develops a better understanding of who is controlling her and where it will all lead...but is she in too deep to grab onto any form of salvation?

This film is a testament for those without hope.  They are the youngsters in western civilization who have been lied to and experimented on by their elders.  We've drugged them...taught them lies...taken away all their hope...and then we blame them when things become violent.  David Axe and Christopher Bickel give us "The Theta Girl" to explain all this in a canopy of blood red.  For an important film of where our youth may be heading, see "The Theta Girl."   

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