Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ashburn Waters, Demon Shreds Hunks and Babes

Not an original setting...but that's just fine.  A campground, closed because of bloody murders, way in the wilderness.  I can't get enough of these films.  Throw in a porcupine type demon that kind of looks like Twiki from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," hunks, babes, pre-marital sex, and relationship ills.  Today, from Australia, we look at 2019's Ashburn Waters," directed by David Pether. 

As the film opens, hunk and babe campers are shredded by this creature at the aforementioned campground.  The place is then shut down.  Years later, Binns (Andrew Lowe) arranges a reunion/camping trip for his friends.  Uh oh, all the campgrounds are filled.  Brett (Kyal Scott) is okay with this as Binns also invited Scout (Jade Prechelt).  Scout is a slut and Brett's former GF.  Scout's new beau, Leo (Jaret Rowney) also is joining the group and has a lot of pre-marital sex with Scout.  No problem, Binns finds Ashburn Waters campsite and doesn't tell his buddies about it being closed or the murders that took place there.  Oh yeah, Brett will be fine, the sultry Cassie (Maia Rose Michaels) begins making the moves on him.

The group is scared because some strange monster hunter keeps popping up with a spear.  He's not a good monster hunter so we won't mention him again.  Scout and Leo copulate a lot and Cassie gives Brett a lot of signals of love.  Then the monster arrives...a cute little bugger...certainly not one of Satan's starting five.  Nevertheless, he's bad news for many of the hunks and babes as it hungers for their souls.  As babes and hunks dwindle in number, Scout gets more desperate for pre-marital sex and a nice cat-fight is brewing between her and Cassie...yes!

Because Scout is such a slut, will her death be the most gory of any in this film?  Will our demon buddy take a break from killing to enjoy the Scout-Cassie cat-fight?  Will Brett be magnanimous and give himself to the winner of the cat-fight even if its Scout?  For a neat creature feature theme with a simple plot and classic themes and settings, see "Ashburn Waters."

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