Friday, January 28, 2022

Fish Bait, Catfish Get Even

What do we get when Good Ole Boys make horror movies?  Rebel flags.  Chicks in bikinis. Some good Country music. Skinny dipping.  Gory noodling accidents.  Big catfish. Say what you want about a segment of America that Hollywood despises, but they make better movies than Disney, act better than Gal Gadot, and don't insult their audiences by pushing left wing political causes.  Hence today's feature, the 2009, Tennessee made "Fish Bait," directed by Jeff Joslin and Darby Lynn Totten.

Frank (Frank Murphy), Paul (Paul Simmons), David (David Snow), and Jaybo (Dave Fennell) are headed to the river for a fishing weekend, for catfish, on a houseboat.  Jaybo, without permission form his three buddies, invites two babes to join them, Julie (Totten) and Kristie (Patrice Bunch). Uh oh, Frank goofs.  He rents a boat at the wrong marina and now the six UT fans are stuck with a dilapidated houseboat which reeks of fish and has holes in the floor.  No matter.  We get some Country interlude and some nice bikini sunbathing.  After enduring the stench and degradation at a creepy marina, the six set sail.

Now on the river, the group puts behind them the stench and the other imperfections of the rust bucket they've rented.  Oh yes, Paul has had some bloody premonitions concerning Bigfoot type killers and the gals on board dying in a bloody rage.  He's ignored.  Frank is determined to catch some catfish and guides the boat near a nuclear power plant where the catfish are said to top 130 pounds.  Then, as the skinny dipping begins, the bloodshed does too.  Limbs will fly through the air, and something under the water line is obviously hungry.  It gets worse...and far bloodier.  One by one, the boaters will, shall we say, 'swim with the fishes'?

What's eating our sextet and will they catch any fish?  Will any of the four Good Ole Boys get pre-marital sex with Julie or Kristie?  Will the monster catfish have any special plans for the two babes (or is this the exclusive purview for Roger Corman)?  Likeable and relaxing.  It is so nice to see a film when you don't have to worry about Hollywood morals being pushed on you.  For a Southern good time, see "Fish Bait."   


  1. I'll order some of that tasty fish and chips thanks!!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the comments. It was fun making this movie and showing the scenery and using the locals in the movie. It was a great learning curve to make our first movie on micro budget with no experience. It was based on some true events about catfish and meeting Flat Hollow Marina for the first time.