Saturday, January 22, 2022

Mosquito Man, The Perfect Woman Turns Insect

She's beautiful.  She's sexy.  She's smart.  The perfect woman. You decide she's the one and then...she changes.  Such a common theme.  Yep, she changes into a monster mosquito ready to suck you dry. Perhaps you knew her...or married her.  True horror.  Hence today's feature, "Mosquito Man," directed by Tibor Takacs.

Okay, Big Pharma is called on to develop a vaccine to kill a virus spread by mosquitos.  They think they have done it and a death row inmate (Matt Jordon) is being delivered to start human experimentation.  Head scientist is, of course, a babe...Jennifer (Musetta Vander).  Once delivered, the inmate steals a gun, slaughters Jenifer's beautiful assistant (Christa Campbell), kills guards, cops, lab security, and escapes.  The escape follows the lab blowing up and him getting a bunch of the serum on him.  He'll turn into a seven foot mosquito.  Even sadder, the beautiful Jennifer gets a little of the stuff on her and she begins to change, much slower.

The cops come.  Lead detective, Thomas (Corin Nemec) is Jennifer's lover...convenient.  The bodies continue to pile up as the mosquito man kills whinos, cops, babe bartenders, club patrons, etc.  He drains their blood and learns to fly.  Uh oh...the nubile Jennifer is now thirsting for blood and changing physically. Now Thomas must see if doctors can reverse Jennifer's metamorphosis before she sucks him dry.  Perhaps a common plight for many a man. Uh oh again... the mosquito man wants to mate with Jennifer and is impervious to bullets.  Thomas knows that mosquito man and him both want to mate with Jennifer...but man is a jealous creature.

Will Thomas be able to keep mosquito man from mating with his main squeeze?  If he is successful in this, will his babe eventually suck him dry (again, a question most men ask themselves in courtship)? Is this 2005 movie an accurate foretelling of what the CDC has become and its desire for this country?  Gore, eroticism, and bug horror highlight this neat creature feature film that probably had its start on Syfy.

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