Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Mill, A Slasher and Creepy Crawlies

Okay, sure!  Our feature today is your standard run of the mill (pun! Sorry!) slasher film.  A lot of hunk and babe college kids partying at a closed down location on a Friday night when a slasher begins taking them out.  Yep, there will be some twists, perhaps a bit too telegraphed beforehand.  Still...this is a good one.  It has something a little extra.  A vague and menacing backstory and rats...snakes...spiders and other creepy crawlies.  Today we look at 2008's "The Mill" (directed by Grainger Hines).

I won't mention the first several minutes of this film so as not to give spoilers that will telegraph the twists at the end...but you'll pick right up on them.  Six hunks and babes decide to have a party at an abandoned mill.  Uh oh...they need the nerd Nick (Robert Rainbolt).  Nick's dad owns the property and Nick can get a key.  To get Nick on board, the beautiful people need to find him a date, enter the nerdette Cari (Blaire Welch). Okay, now eight enter the mill.  Shawn (Austin Hines) and Amber (Tiffany LeShai McMinn) will be the first to pair up for pre-marital sex.  Whitney (Leah Marie Parker) and Jesse (Austin James) will follow close behind.  Madison (Kelly Ray) and Kyle (Catori Swann) will also follow, leaving Nick and Cari alone.

Okay, Nick slips Cari some roofies and the results will be sadly predictable.  While in the throes of pre-marital sex, our four couples will incur the wrath of a mysterious slasher.  Yep, meat hooks, knives, blunt objects and creepy crawlies will decimate our hunks and babes in all sorts of forms of nakedness.  There will even be a snake bite on the tally-whacker scene.  One by one, the beautiful will fall.  Gratuitous spider scenes will give you the creepy crawlies as now attack dogs enter the fray.  Who will be left and who is doing the carnage?  Watch the film.

So what is the deal with Nick and his supply of roofies, is he really the nerd his buddies think he is?  How about Cari?  She is awfully hot to be a nerdette.  What did these hunks and babes do to incur the wrath of the slasher and his creepy crawlies?  When the end credits roll you will be itching at imaginary insects on your torso.  Standard fare? Yes...but well worth the watch.  For a slasher good time, see "The Mill." 


  1. Don't think I've ever had a Roofie but I know some girls pass out on valium!!