Friday, August 27, 2021

Feeders, Hostile ETs Eat Pennsylvania

Before the Polonia Brothers made movies with budgets of over a hundred dollars, they made 1996's "Feeders."  This was back in 1996 when Whitley Strieber was still in vogue.  Remember Mr. Strieber?  He wrote Communion chronicling his abduction by little ETs.  The little buggers in this film look like the ones he described.  Unfortunately for a Pennsylvania countryside, they are also hungrier and more mean spirited.  Directed by Jon McBride, Mark Polonia, and John Polonia, this film is a lot of fun and beats the big budget "Independence Day" any day of the week.

A UFO lands in the Pennsylvania woods and the mean aliens scatter.  A park ranger and fisherman will be the first to be eaten by the toothy and weird looking little creatures.  Derek (McBride) and Bennett (John Polonia) drive into the woods as Derek wants to photograph a flood ruined town.  After using up all his film, John arranges a date at the park with two babes, Donna (Maria Davis) and Michelle (Melissa Torpy).  Uh oh...the two nerds hit a man running out of the woods.  Little do they know an alien has eaten his way inside of him.  When they bring the dying man to the doctor, the toothy alien climbs out of the corpse and eats the doctor.  A thinly veiled metaphor of  the greedy and exploitative medical industry in the U.S.?

Okay, now the aliens are getting aggressive.  Surprise, Melissa emerges as an alien killer.  The things are small and fragile.  However small, they do have surprises.  The buggers can spit acid and wound Derek.  Now the aliens are hunting Derek and the wounded Bennett and a mothership has joined the manhunt.  The duo fights them off well but the onslaught seems never ending.  Then the final reveal.  The final 20 minutes of this film has some shocking plot twists and much carnage.  The future of mankind rests on the efforts of the youngsters in the woods.

Will Derek and Bennett ever get together with Michelle and Donna for some traditional pre-marital sex in the woods?  Would an extra $15 have enabled the makers of this movie to set it in Hong Kong or New York City?  How can Whitley Strieber survive his abduction and so many beer drinking, gun toting rednecks be felled by particle beams and alien probes?  For a great time with alien invasions and really neat looking aliens, see "Feeders."    

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  1. Yes, yes and yes, who hasn't read Communion, I"m reading it again.