Saturday, August 21, 2021

Jakob's Wife, Barbara Crampton Beset by Vampire

Ever since "Re-Animator" in the mid 80s, Barbara Crampton has been in the hearts of us horror fans.  The sultry blonde has been beset by mad scientists, creatures from other dimensions, and monsters in castles.  Now, she is victimized by a vampire.  Today we look at 2021's "Jakob's Wife," directed by Travis Stevens.  A Shudder exclusive.

Pastor Jakob Fedder (Larry Fessenden) is the minister of a small town church in Mississippi.  His loyal and devoted wife, Anne (Crampton) is in a front pew as he delivers a sermon on "Husbands love your wives as Jesus loved the church."  We've all heard that one.  Leaving a lot out, suffice it to say, Anne is getting unsatisfied with her boring life.  When an old flame comes to town, weakness takes hold, and she finds herself about to engage in extra-marital relations with him.  To Anne's credit, she pulls away, but she has still sinned in her heart, and these types of films are indeed morality tales.  Also present is a weird crate (coffin sized), teeming with rats and The Master (Bonnie Aarons).  The rats eat the old flame and Anne is bitten by the toothy master.

Now vampires prowl this sleepy Mississippi town.  Anne begins changing and thirsts for blood.  Jakob, for a short time, is oblivious.  The thirst and youthful exuberance that take over Anne turns her into a blood thirsty monster.  She will begin killing for blood.  Sadly, Jakob catches her in the act.  The boring Jakob now undergoes his own transition - from a milquetoast and safe being pastoring a church in small town Mississippi to a vicious monster hunter, now passionately in love with his wife.  When the money is put on the table, Pastor Jakob mans up...he intends to love Anne and die for her if necessary.  The Master is a jealous demon and also intends to fight for Anne.

Will our Van Helsing wannabe be able to carve enough wooden stakes and bottle enough holy water to fight a centuries-old vampire?  Will Jakob's newfound love for his wife help Anne fight off her new urges?  Will Barbara Crampton deliver the eroticism we, her fans, are accustomed to seeing in her films?  Oh, come on!  That's what you all are asking yourselves!  For a neat vampire flick with gore, vampire carnage, and yes...eroticism, see "Jakob's Wife."  

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