Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Army of One, Babe Soldier vs. Redneck Clan

Exactly why are we fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Oh yeah, to protect our freedoms here...right...I have to keep telling myself that.  Anyway, today we have a sultry army Ranger at war in the wilderness fighting rednecks who seek to string her up, probably impregnate her, and mess her up real bad.  Oh yeah, they murdered her husband...now that is a reason to fight!  Today we look at 2020's "Army of One," directed by Stephen Durham.

Brenner (Ellen Hollman) is a sultry ex U.S. Army Ranger.  Quite the war hero she is. Her husband (Matt Passmore) and her go camping and to get out of the rain have sex in a nearby cabin.  Too bad the inhabitants come home and find them.  The inhabitants are a redneck gang into weapons, white slavery, and illegal booze.  They are headed by an old lady known as Mama (Geraldine Singer).  Her boys execute Brenner's hubby and think they execute her...wrong.  She survives and doubles back.  Brenner's wrath begins and she takes a number of the rednecks out.

She'll be captured and caged and she'll escape along with captive babes of the white slavery ring.  She'll inflict more carnage and be recaptured.  Why they just don't kill her when they have the chance...well, bad move on their part.  Fortunately Mama commands several dozen redneck brutes so the kill count will be enormous.  Martial arts, pistols, machetes, and boobie traps will help Brenner dispose of redneck scum.  We know eventually a confrontation between the Mama and Brenner will occur.  Unfortunately for Mama, Brenner is hardly the grieving widow, she is more of the angry psycho widow.

Will Brenner go through all the rednecks and fight Mama at the conclusion of this film?  Is Brenner merely just like them once she starts killing them?  Ha!  No!  She's a babe, we can forgive her homicidal tendencies!  If our military had goals as clearly defined as Brenner's in this story, would we have more luck in our military engagements overseas?  Perhaps this is merely "I Spit on Your Grave" without the glitter...still, Ms. Hollman is stunning and sweats a lot in her role as a unhinged widow.  For a great time watching a film with a huge kill count, see "Army of One."  


  1. You made this one timely, gets you asking, was the reason going into war to sell arms and government contracts, I think so.

  2. Thanks for the review Zisi. Ellen was every bit as tough in person as on the screen. A lot of the blood on her was the real deal. She wouldn't let anyone pull punches.

  3. Phenomenal, such a powerful leading female role. Hope to see Ellen in more films..great article as well