Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Amusement, Three Sultry Damsels in Much Distress

Our slasher film today can boast of three very beautiful damsels in much distress.  Perhaps the plot is not too original, but who cares?  For those of you who love anthologies, you will want to take a look at this one.  Not an anthology, but filmed like one.  Those of you who like nubile babes in much trouble, will also want to watch.  Also, you peeps who like gore, torture, and ominous death, you will also want to watch this one.  Today we look at 2008's "Amusement," directed by John Simpson. 

In elementary school, prepping for an art project, a little boy displays that he is ONE SICK PUPPY!  His art project horrifies and sickens three sweet classmates.  Now the classmates are all grown up and all quite beautiful.  In an ominous and imaginative opening, one of the babes, Shelby (Laura Breckenridge) is abducted after a weird cat and mouse game on the road.  Next up is Tabitha (Katheryn Winnick).  The blonde is babysitting when she finds a murdered cheerleader and a room full of horrific clowns.  With a cheerleader corpse on top of her, Tabitha is attacked and abducted.  Finally, Lisa (Jessica Lucas).  Her search for a missing friend (Fernanda Dorogi) lures her to a creepy hotel...and abduction.

Bad news, the fiend (Keir O'Donnell), a weirdo with an evil laugh, who abducted them, also offed their dweeb boyfriends.  Now the gals are in weird cells and apparent victims of disembowelment and'll see.  Tabitha seems whole and it is up to her to save her friends and effect an escape.  The evil fiend has planned this out.  The dames are slow on the uptake but their former classmate/psycho is not.  He toys with them, humiliates them, and sets forth death machines that medieval torturers would be proud of.  What follows will not be easy to watch.

Do these three beauties have any prayer at making it out alive?  Is this film a thinly veiled metaphor of what the psychotropic drugs given to little boys, in public school, will cause when the little boys become big psychos?  Would the little fiend's elementary school art project merit NEA federal funding in modern times?  Gory, ominous, and heartbreaking.  The three actresses who play the beset beauties are wonderful and we sincerely hope they will survive the psycho.  For a neat slasher film, see "Amusement."

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