Monday, August 9, 2021

Terra Formars, Mars Cockroaches Attack

From Japan we have an ambitious science fiction/horror story that probably originated in Anime.  As if cockroaches aren't icky enough, Martian ones can stand seven feet tall and evolve every ten minutes.  Hence the horror in 2016's "Terra Formars," directed by Takashi Miike.  Sadly, there will be many Japanese space-babes who die horribly at the hands of the alien bugs.

The Earth's resources are drying up.  The Japanese government begins a plan of changing Mars so it grows vegetation and is hospitable to humans.  Now Mars is almost ready...almost.  See, cockroaches are out of hand up there and a team of "volunteers" is sent there to exterminate the pests.  Volunteers?  Hah!  We meet two at the outset, a babe and hunk wrongly accused of murder.  Shokichi (Hideaki Ito) and Nanao (Emi Takei).  They have a choice...either spend the rest of their lives in prison or volunteer to kill cockroaches on Mars.  In fact, every volunteer is some sort of fiendish criminal who is given the same choice.  The ship takes off and lands on Mars.  Scouting teams are sent bugs in sight.

Horrors...the bugs evolved into humanoid cockroach monsters standing seven feet tall.  The sultry Nanao is murdered immediately by these buggers.  A bigger problem looms.  Millions of them surround the spaceship.  Fear not...each "volunteer" has been giving bug DNA which can be activated by a booster shot.  The bug DNA is from bugs that prey on cockroaches.  The crew, one by one, injects themselves in order to combat the cockroach horde...with very mixed results.  More Asian space-babes will be sad.  Uh oh again, the mastermind behind this plan, Dr. Honda (Shun Oguri) and his dragon-lady Sakakibara (Rila Fukushima) have more ambitious plans that include conquering Earth.

The bug action in this one even tops "Starship Troopers" in scope.  As the space-babes are murdered at a faster rate than space-hunks, this seems like a sad tale.  Just wait.  Is there a reason for the very early annihilation of the sultry Nanao?  Just how does Dr. Honda plan to conquer the Earth as his bugs are on Mars?  Is there a plan for the Martian roaches to be brought to Earth?  Anime and "Starship Troopers" fans will love this film.  Not animated, "Terra Formars" can boast of a great looking cast, though the babes will die horribly, and some neat creature effects.  See "Terra Formars" and stock up on Raid.

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  1. Now I know where Wreck it Ralph got their influences... great review. thanks.