Friday, August 13, 2021

Catskill Park, Aliens vs. Reality TV

I know...go aliens!  Sure we are all sick of so-called "reality TV."  Okay, maybe Denise Richards show ("It's Complicated") from 10 years ago was an exception...but for the most part, we've had it!  Send down some extra-terrestrials and spaceships with otherworldly weapons and wipe them all out.  Hence 2018's "Catskill Park," directed by Vlad Yudin.

Tommy is a cameraman producer for a TV production company that makes reality TV programs.  Fry him!  I know.  He is coming off of a hit (okay, "hit" may be a slight exaggeration), "Adventure Man."  His new idea?  A man...a camera...the wilderness.  Go ahead and gag.  Now it gets good.  He sets out into the wilderness of New York state with his main squeeze, the sultry Monica (Melissa Haley Smith).  Say what you want about the loser Tommy, Monica is a major league babe who intends to have much pre-marital sex with him in a tent.  They meet up with their friends, the hunk Ex (Alexander Cendese) and his sultry gal, Sam (Lauren Francesca).  Those two also plan a lot of pre-marital sex.  Don't get too invested in the Sam babe, she won't remain sultry.

We'll skip the relationship drama and go right to the action.  The UFOs arrive and do something horrendous to Sam.  Now the quartet is on the run from...from...well, we don't know yet.  They'll meet up with a couple more blokes, but those two won't last long.  It appears the UFO has released a creature.  Oh yeah, Sam?  Alas, very sad.   Whatever the UFO and the creature are, they seem to have a plan for if us Tommy and Ex don't.  Next, we'll meet the mad scientist, Charles (Rajesh Nahar)...he knows what's going on...but his mind is gone.  Now the survivors get a glimpse at what they're dealing with and the horror increases.  With the babes otherwise occupied, poor damsels, Ex and Tommy are on the run again and the UFO and creature don't intend to allow them to escape.

Found footage, so be warned.  Miss Francesca and Miss Smith are stunning and we do want them to escape and remain beautiful.  How do two losers like Tommy and Ex get babes like Sam and Monica?  Exactly what do the ETs want with Sam and Monica?  Okay, stupid question.  For haters of reality TV, this film will have you cheering.  For some terrific beef and cheese action, and some mean ETs, see "Catskill Park." 

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  1. I think the two losers have a trust fund to tap into. Always helps pave the way to the jacuzzi.