Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Bigfoot's Bride, Grindhouse and Sasquatch

You have to love this Erick Wofford film.  It is a 2021 movie filmed in early 1970s drive-in style.  It has the aura of a drive in film from the cheesy effects, perhaps a missing reel, broken film that melts, and plenty of gratuitous cheese and gore.  Plus Bigfoot!  Now, don't get all sweet on me here...it ain't the cute and benign Bigfoot...nope...think grotesque and hideous.  The movie will ramp up the shock and gore as the film progresses...and more babes will be introduced to the plot with rather bloody results.  Today we look at "Bigfoot's Bride."

Plot?  Think a modern redneck version of "Beauty and the Beast."  But be ready to drop that characterization pretty quickly.  Heather (Jessica Meghan Rivera) is sultry.  She is hoping to meet her screwy boyfriend in the wilderness for some camping and pre-marital sex.  Bigfoot has spotted her and is transfixed by her beauty.  After shredding some campers, he lays low and spies on Heather.  The monster will witness Heather break up with her BF during a cell phone call,  She'll be sad and the hideous creature knows he cannot approach her.  The thing has seen what he looks like in a reflection in the water and understands the babe is out of his league.  Heather gets sadder and contemplates suicide.

Up until now this is all very sweet.  Heather needs a shoulder to cry on and Bigfoot has that fury shoulder.  When Heather holds a gun up to her head, Bigfoot has to act.  Forget sweetness...what happens next will be shocking.  Other babes are also in the area.  Bigfoot has impregnated one and has another strung up for...well...impregnation, I assume.  Bigfoot loves beauty but beauty does not love Bigfoot.  More hunters will be torn to shreds and the babes must escape...if they can.  If they can't?  You'll see...and maybe you will wish you hadn't.  There will be some taboo plot devices in this film.  The Bigfoot creature will be nightmarish and won't be reminiscent to any Bigfoot portrayal you have seen.

Will the sultry and nubile Heather be ripped apart, impregnated, or find cryptoid love?  Is the Bigfoot's treatment of women in this film a metaphor of the entertainment industry's misogyny and depravation, especially toward young actresses?  Are we being judgmental in condemning Bigfoot's treatment of sultry babes. after all, don't these hideous creatures deserve love?  Fans of Grindhouse cinema will love "Bigfoot's Bride," as will people who love their horror shocking.  

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