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Where the Scary Things Are, Ken and Lori do a Podcast

"Where the Scary Things Are," is a brand new horror podcast that hit the air waves (er, e-waves, I guess) a couple of weeks ago. Ken and Lori are two social media buddies of mine and have paired up to bring us fascinating elements of horror and the paranormal. Still in its infant stages, the chemistry and ability to attract big name guests will make this show a worthwhile take for all you horror fans. Both of these fine peeps agreed to submit to an interview and over the past two weeks we have gotten to know each other quite well. Beware, more breaking news is imminent on "Where the Scary Things Are" and big named guests already lined up.

CJZ: Where the Scary Things Are began in late June, and has dived into horror and paranormal. I was struck at the chemistry both of you showed given that you haven’t known each other for a long time. How did you two come together as co-hosts of this new podcast?

1      Ken: Someone had retweeted a post that Muse had replied to. I believe it was something from John Carpenter’s They Live (which is one of my favorite movies) and it caught my eye initially. I took notice to her knowledge of the horror genre and movies that we shared similar interest in. I have been scouting out the Horror Circles on Twitter for a co-host. I reached out to Muse and had pitched her the idea of Where The Scary Things Are and it was a match made in “Hell” lol. 

      Lori: To echo Ken here yep..i"ll never forget it. It was a thread of some sort and we got into..( a short conversation about fight scenes) we both agreed that the scene from the Carpenter movie They Live involving Roddy Piper and Keith David was one of the best fight scenes of all time. Ken then asked me my top 3 fight scenes... he liked what i had to say... and the rest is history! 

CJZ: So who are Lori and Ken? As horror experts many will think you are similar to mad-scientists weirdos. But you two are upstanding members of society. Spouses, family people, and productive members of society. When your friends bring up their favorite movies like “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Shawshank Redemption,” or “Casablanca” do you bring up “Halloween” or “Poltergeist” or “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”? Talk a little about who you guys are, I know you are very well educated and great neighbors in your community…and I know you Lori are a champion fantasy football player and Tom Brady’s biggest fan.

Ken: 1.       On the contrary, Casablanca is my all time favorite movie…. Muse and I share a lot of similar favorites. I think that’s why we get along so well. My favorite horror movies are definitely The Exorcist, Evil dead, and The Nightmare On Elm Street series. So many more.  As far as who I am as an individual, I think I am a Family first guy. I am blessed to have such a wonderful wife and two healthy beautiful little girls. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t take a moment to look back to where I was 10 years ago (broke as a joke and living at my mom’s house trying to find myself in a case of Miller Light Beer) to where I am now. Hard work pays off, nothing is given.

Lori:  . I adore movies in general to be honest. I can talk Shawshank Redemption (which is a stellar movie by the way) or i can talk The Shining. Pick your pleasure i can go all night about movies. The horror genre is my favorite this is true... but i just love movies. You can get lost in them for 2 hours and just be somewhere else like a mini escape if you will. In regards to your question as to who i am ? I'm nobody special. Just a sister, a daughter, a wife, a woman who likes a good conversation, loves to laugh until my side cramps up, loves to see others happy before herself..and of course a movie fan.

CJZ: Podcasts are not new to you, Ken. Horror podcasts are. Before horror you were doing the social media thing for sports. What has caused you to leave the sports world and dive into horror?
Lori, you are a bit more shy than Ken. When he contacted you about the possibility of doing a podcast about horror and the paranormal, did you immediately agree to it or did Ken have to do a sales job on you?

Ken: I still Host and Produce an NFL Oakland Raiders Fan Podcast called East Coast Nation part of the Crow’s Nest Podcast Network, (shameless plug) with 2 of my good friends from New Jersey, Potts and EazyE. I have a real passion for the Horror genre and movies in general so I wanted to start something new. I love the challenge of bringing something new and fun to a fanbase that has so many options of podcast to listen to. Muse and I are up against an already established market of podcast but we are willing to accept the challenge to provide content worth listening to.

Lori:  Ken did indeed have to sell me a little on the concept of doing a podcast haha...this is only because i have pretty severe social anxiety and have for years. It really limits me as far as what i feel truly comfortable doing. However, Ken explained everything so clearly and in such a manner i felt totally comfortable plus i have such a passion for horror and talking about movies i thought hey..why not? Let's give it a try!

CJZ: Both of you have had tangential experiences with the paranormal, are you interested in providing a forum for paranormal investigators and people beset by similar experiences?
I know you enjoy reading horror literature, Lori…what are some of your favorite books or stories, perhaps that have left a dramatic impression on you. Can we look forward to you penning some of your own stories or novels in the future?

Ken: I think our goal is to give fans a chance to share their experiences. Our show is meant to give listeners a platform to call in and connect with us and other listeners. Where the Scary Things Are is a show where people to seek out new friends and contacts.

Lori: Oh man..good question! there are some great authors out there but i think my heart lies with Stephen King. I also enjoy Dean Koontz and Peter Straub. One of the King novels that has always stuck with me and impacted me the most would have to be The Stand. This scenario just seems like something that could happen tomorrow! It just seemed so realistic to me in parts...and to be honest reality has always frightened me more than any horror movie ever could. As far as penning a novel myself? it really is funny you asked that question because i have had some ideas for stories rolling around in my brain for a few years now. it's just  a matter of taking the time and putting it all down on paper. So..maybe one of these days i'll surprise you guys!

CJZ: Being huge horror fans cuts both ways. As horror fanatics we do get to meet and interact with so many interesting and creative people. On the other hand our families and friends believe we are a bit deranged. In many places I am forbidden to bring up my blog or to discuss my favorite films. Do your spouses ever tell you not to embarrass them in public? Do you ever engage with people who claim horror is juvenile, deviant to a point of causing violence and mayhem, or satanic? Do you respond or are you like me, just roll your eyes and say “whatever…”?

Ken: Wow, let’s see… My wife, knows what she married in to. She does not watch the Horror Movies I watch…however, she 100% supports me and the work I do for the show. Both shows as a matter of fact. I think as far as embarrassing her……well let’s just say she may embarrass me in public for not being on the same geek level as me….lol.  As far as interacting with “NON BELIEVERS”…. I have yet to have the pleasure of debating with these lost souls. 

Lori: My husband teases me relentlessly for loving horror he's a bit mystified with my fascination with it i think. For him it really isn't the fact that i watch horror movies but rather the sheer number of times i can watch them! It's all in kidding the teasing though so it's all good. My situation is a lot like Ken's he pretty much knew what he was getting into..and it's not like he's found any bodies hidden in the walls...yet. Concerning people's views on the violence and mayhem they feel horror movies inspire? I often respond with the perspective that many things can corrupt if you let them. Movies,TV,music all of it. Even people themselves can corrupt IF we let them. Sometimes that philosophy hits home and sometimes it doesn't with people..but at the very least it gives them something to chew on.

CJZ: Horror toys!!!! What a better Christmas gift! We will all be thinking about our Christmas shopping real soon. Ken, you make these horror action figures. Do you collect as well, and how did you get into this business. Also, if I wanted you to make me one or two from my favorite film “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” and I gave you no more guidance, what would you make me?

Ken: Ha ha ha. Let’s see… I created Monster Mash Custom Action Figures a few years ago. It is a commission-based page. I do everything from People wanting to be a particular Star Wars Character, Marvel Character, or a particular Film. I have made people into Deadpool, I made a gentleman into the character from the Patriot (Mel Gibson Movie). I also do individual unmade characters…just the other day I made Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries. That was the most obscure yet. If you wanted a Custom of the Creature from the Black Lagoon I would sculpt your head to look like you and create a creature body with a removable Creature Head. You would be the Monster. Complete with packaging. Fun stuff…..

CJZ: I know both of you from Twitter and I also know both of you have very influential Twitter buddies. Are you lining up some great actor/actresses, directors, or special f/x horror types as we speak for future podcasts?

Ken:  We definitely have a great lineup of guest. We just interviewed Morgan Knudsen from Entity Seeker on our first show. Betsy Baker who played Linda in Evil Dead will be our featured guest on Episode 2….we also have some great paranormal experts in the pipeline such as Chad Lewis, writer of The Big Muddy Monster. We will try to coordinate our guest with the Movie/show/Book we review. 

CJZ: I know “Evil Dead” and “Poltergeist” are two films we will hear a lot about on your podcast, but can you give us a glimpse of some more films we will hear on your show? Slashers are great horror fare but I sense that the paranormal element is special to you two in horror films, is that because of personal experiences or because the endings lend themselves to be more ominous and though provoking?

Ken: We don’t have a format. It’s more like…’s your turn to pick a movie…lol. We will be all over the place. Big Budget to Low Budget films….Books and other podcast…the Portal is wide open. 

CJZ: Back to sports, is there a show to be done combining sports and horror? I ask ignorantly.
Pertaining to an earlier question, when you mention in public that horror floats your boat, do you get more looks of disapproval, or an increasing amount of people who whisper to you, “I love horror too…don’t tell anyone.”

Ken:  That is a possibility….Being a Raider Fan, everyday is Halloween. Patriots fans are also clowns.. so it works. Hee hee. I think Horror is a lot like Sports. I see a person wearing a Raiders hat or team I follow I talk to them. I see a person wearing an Exorcist Shirt I am talking to them…..I think you invite that community in. The horror world is alive and well. 

Lori: . I honestly have yet to meet a horror fan that feels they should keep their passion for the genre silent. We as horror fans are proud of this passion and most of us(i can't speak for all) let our horror flags fly proudly! I think in society you are always going to run into people that just can't understand why people love horror so much and that is ok. We all like what we like. The judgmental folks are the ones that kind of get under my skin. I often comment with the perspective that if people were all alike and loved the same types of things we would become very bored. We would never learn anything new like that!

CJZ: Your first podcast at the end of June was magnificent. Were you happy with it? The chemistry was great and the content was fascinating. Did you too just wing-it or was there a lot of prep that went into that 84 minute product?

Ken: Muse and I took a leap of faith in each other once we went live. We spoke several times over the phone and it was like we knew each other for years. We always have a format…however…Muse does go off the rails and needs to land the plane….lol. Shots Fired!!!! Jk, I love her to death. Her extensive knowledge exceeds my own and I admire her views and opinions….I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. 

Lori: I agree with Ken here (except for that off the rails business JERK!  Haha) all kidding aside though..we really just jumped in and everything just kind of flowed. The chemistry was there and we were both talking about something we love... horror. I haven't told Ken this but i often think the spirit of my brother brought us together to do this which is why i think everything has just fallen into place so perfectly.

CJZ: Are you two currently strategizing about where you want Where the Scary Things Are to go? Guests…which films…perhaps a bit of promo regarding the action figures and Lori’s upcoming fiction (I admit I’m trying to goad Lori into writing)?

Ken:  As far as I am concerned….I am always looking at the big picture. How can we grow? How can we get a bigger audience? How can we market ourselves?? Right now we are having a lot of fun but we both want to have a successful show and one day be among the best in the game, I.E. The G.U.T.S. Podcast, LORE, etc. I have a few ideas up my sleeve that can help us obtain it. A great podcast mentor of mine, Murf from Murf’s Fan Cave once told me, “ To be a great podcaster you have to have your heart into each show” This is where my mentality is. I give maximum effort. Thank you Murf. 

CJZ: Technically speaking, was doing a podcast easy? Ken is in NY, and Lori is in Michigan…is modern technology conducive to the two of you doing a show together?

Ken:  Thank God for Skype.. It allows us to interact and record. It isn’t so hard to create a show…’s the social media and connecting with listeners which is the KILLER. 

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