Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ghost Walk: The Farm, Haunted Honeymoon

Aruba...maybe Niagara Falls...or even The Poconos! I know money can be tight for you young newlyweds...but even consider an 'out of season' honeymoon to save a few bucks. Just honeymoons in haunted farmhouses. Why you ask...what could go wrong in a haunted farmhouse? If you have to ask that, then you need to see this horror film by my buddy Rocky Karlage, 2012's "Ghost Walk: The Farm."
Johnny (John Chiara) is just home from the war and he doesn't waste any time. Quickly our hunk hero marries the nubile Estella (Alana Kaniewski) and the two are off on a honeymoon...yep...the proverbial haunted farmhouse honeymoon. The two kids aren't wealthy so when Aunt Lynn (Holly Neelie) offers them the place...they jump. They should've chosen a Holiday Inn Express...but no one listens to me. They suck face a lot and presumably have a lot of marital sex...but it is apparent they are not alone. At first a few minor noises, misplaced items, and perhaps ghostly apparitions are spied from the corners of their brief glances.
Uh oh...whatever is in the house with them begins a more malicious haunting. The amorous Estella, who only wants to please the muscular Johnny, is toyed with, and now the presence seems a bit possessive of the young beauty. Johnny will undergo a more painful'll see. Flood waters make escape impossible and Johnny and Estella make some poor decisions which will cost them dearly in their match with the eerie entity. The two lovebirds seem to be on a downward spiral, but exactly what is this entity capable of? As the haunting gets more physical...and painful...and bloodier, Johnny and Estella will have to wise-up quickly and fight.
Exactly what is this entity that is toying with our newlyweds...a ghost? Does the mysterious Aunt Lynn know more than she let's on about the farmhouse she has lent Estella and Johnny? Will Johnny's battle training from the U.S. Army help him in his fight against the amorous entity that also wants his wife? Directed by Steve Olander, "Ghost Walk: The Farm" is a classic ghost story in which an enabled entity accelerates in capability as the film progresses. However doomed our amorous couple seem, we pull for them to overcome the evil force and live to have their first argument.   
For more information about this film and others from the same studio, click on this link Ghost Walk Studios


  1. Nice review, no bikini babes, but I'll show some respect, nice review, heading over to that screening link now.

  2. Great write-up. I'm not familiar with Ghost Walk Studios, but it looks like they have some intriguing movies. Going to check them out.

  3. Thanks for the great review Chris. You honor me!

    The movie is available on #VOD for whoever wants to watch. Sorry for no bikini babes 'far side' :D - Rocky