Saturday, July 13, 2019

Devil's Mile, Drive into Hell

Dark. Ominous. Without humor. Everything about 2014's "Devil's Mile" is so seedy and evil and this is one of those films you will need a shower after the end credits roll. All of the characters are peeps you would avoid in real life...and their plight? Well, if they all die you won't be too broken up about it. Nonetheless, I liked this movie! I'm allowed to like it just because I like it. If you can like tax increases and useless wars in far-off places...I can like "Devil's mile" there!
As we begin our story a trio of inept criminals led by Toby (David Hayter) have just kidnapped two Japanese beauties, Suki (Samantha Wan) and Kanako (Amanda Joy). This is a ransom job and a mysterious crime-lord, Mr. Arkadi (Fronk Moore), plans to get a lot of money for these beset gals. Assisting Toby is ex-con Cally (Maria de Mar) and ex-con Jacinta (Casey Hudecki). These two love to bicker and are high-maintenance. Uh of the gals they grabbed is the wrong one who comes from a poor family. Uh oh again, all of a sudden, the trio and their two hostages end up on a proverbial road-to-nowhere. Lost? Something more sinister, I'm afraid.
The inept bank robbers start bickering more and realize they cannot get off the obscure road they happened upon. Sensing the incompetence, Kanako makes a break for it as the trio changes a tire. They'll kill her...or will they? Now panic and dissension set in as Toby becomes unhinged and violent. Jacinta will kill Toby...or will she? Worse news, Kanako is now a flesh-ripping demon bent on cat-fighting with Jacinta and Cally. Worse news yet...Jacinta may not be exactly who she claims to be...and her motives are more ominous and far-reaching than collecting ransoms.
Will the demon Kanako scratch the faces off of her two female kidnappers? Just where is this road-to-nowhere, and does it lead to someplace unearthly? Does the mysterious Mr. Arkadi have more in mind than a simple kidnapping caper and what does he want with the nubile Jacinta? So go on liking those boring NFL games and stupid DC and Marvel movies...I'm gonna like "Devil's Mile." Directed by Joseph O'Brien, this film is a nice horror story that doesn't concern itself with giving its audience 'feel-good moments.' 


  1. A director who directs for his own kicks, is bound to produce a movie we want to watch, well done Joe O'Brian.

  2. Great review although I'm not so sure I want to watch it. And, hey, I like those stupid DC and Marvel movies!!! Grrr.

    Keep up the good work, Christopher!