Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Victim, A Hermit, an Exotic Dancer, and Murder

So sweet. Michael Biehn makes a movie with the sultry Jennifer Blanc...they fall in love. They get married. Okay, stop it...I heard that. You divorced guys out there just can't shut up. No, Michael Biehn is not the victim! Just because he tied the knot doesn't mean he is a victim of anything. No...the victim in 2011's "The Victim" may be the renowned scream-queen Danielle Harris...who will be murdered in the opening scene.
Two beautiful dancers, Annie (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn) and Mary (Harris) are partying in the wilderness with two deputies. James (Ryan Honey) is a super-cop and will be sheriff soon and his best detective Cooger (Denny Kirkwood) have deviant sex, and alcoholic consumption planned. Bad news for Mary...her ho-hum attitude toward James' tally-whacker sends him into a fit of rage and the super-cop kills her. Bad news for Annie...she's a witness...and now running for her life. Pursued by the cop duo, Annie finds an isolated wilderness cabin and pleads with Kyle (Biehn) to let her in. Hesitantly he does. There is a reason why some men become hermits...but when a well built exotic dancer pounds on our doors...well...maybe we all would become a little less hermit.
Annie must talk fast to convince Kyle that she is running for her life. James and Cooger arrive soon after and Kyle hides Annie. Kyle gets a bad feeling about the two evil deputies and sends them away. Annie and Kyle will get close...and, of course, James doubles back. After some steamy pre-marital sex between the real life love-birds, James makes his move. Unfortunately for James, Kyle isn't a victim and is half-ready for James' intrusion. Torture, fighting, psychological intrigue, and some nice shots of Annie ensue. Kyle may seem to have gotten the upper-hand on James, but James is smart and determined. Now Annie and Kyle must think fast and perhaps turn into killers themselves in order to stay alive.
Can the isolationist Kyle turn the tables on the super-cop and keep Annie alive? Can a very shapely exotic dancer find happiness in the arms of a weird hermit? (Don't we seem to ask that question a lot?) After a couple of years of marriage to the babe-movie maker, does Michael Biehn feel like a victim? Okay, that third question was in bad taste...but I have to keep my divorced-guy fan-base happy. For a nifty thriller that will keep you guessing, enjoy "The Victim."

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  1. This is a real thinking man's movie, has more twists and curves than a Carry On movie.