Monday, July 15, 2019

Reptisaurus, Buck Rogers vs. Rodan

Captain Buck Rogers is now General Morgenstern (Gil Gerard). The more important question...where is Wilma Deering and those shiny tight jump-suits? Back to the matter at hand, our good General stars in 2009's "Reptisaurus," as the US military (army I think) battles a big reptile bird. Throw in some great looking hunks and babes as spring break college kids/bait, and a mad-scientist or two and we have a terrific B movie...but will we see Wilma Deering again?
A team of army men is picked apart by a flying bird on a remote island. Enter five castaways who have washed up on this island. The pretty blonde Tori (Annmarie Lynn Gracey) screams and yells a lot, and fortunately will be eaten soon. Also on the island is army team 2, sent by Buck Rogers...I mean General Morgenstern. No Wilma Deering. Major Dawson (Bernard Fredericks) commands the ill-prepared unit and they will be eaten one by one by the flying reptile. Uh oh, Buck Rogers, I mean Morgenstern has sent the team to the island to destroy everything...including all evidence that the bird was created by a secret government biological weapons experiment.
The college kids meet the army men and they yell at each other a lot. Buck Rogers then orders his team to eliminate the kids/witnesses. But wait, one of the mad-scientists, Dr. Carr (Yahaira Love) is alive in the ruins of her lab...but still no Wilma Deering. She then yells at the army men and the college kids...and they yell back. Together they come up with a hair-brained ideas to survive and escape the island. The big reptile bird is relentless and will continue eating army men and college kids. In one heartwarming scene, the monster grabs the pretty Kaylee (Caroline Attwood), rips her in half in mid-air and drops her. Kaylee's top half will live a while longer before expiring. Still no Wilma Deering.
Will Buck Rogers...I mean General Morgenstern be able to kill all the witnesses/college kids and preserve the secrecy of the military's new weapon? Will any of the beefcake and cheesecake survive the hungry flying reptile? With Gil Gerard starring, can Erin Gray as Wilma Deering, and those shiny tight jump-suits be far behind? B grade cinema all the way, as is what we expect from director Christopher Olen Ray. For some mindless fun and some "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" nostalgia, see "Reptisaurus."


  1. America needs to be given more credit for the spurn of psychopath in the English speaking world, much more credit than it's due. Buck Rogers in the 25th century, would love to see the X rated version.

  2. I need to see this from the stills alone! Plus the actual Reptisaurus seems a shameless rip off of Larry Cohen's Q the Winged Serpent which gives it extra cool points! Nice review as always Christopher & thanks for the heads up, will definitely check this one out.:)