Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills, Psychos Abound

Okay, many will dismiss this film due to perceived faults...which really aren't faults. Perhaps the gore f/x could be a bit more spurting, but that goes with most slasher films. This is Taya Parker's magnum opus as she not only stars in 2017's "Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills," but also appears several more times in the credits. This one will contain lots of bikini-clad damsels in much distress, skinny-dipping, and of course, a psycho preying upon those aforementioned damsels. Then of course there is the...wait...nope, no spoilers here...but what a twist!
The sultry Stacy (Parker) has scheduled a beach-house getaway with many of her friends (who all wear bikinis well). This ends up being an ill-timed vacation as Stacy's abusive ex-husband Jason (Ryan Izay) is just out of prison. He is incredibly violent and abusive and Stacy is still horrified of this creep. Protecting her 5-year old daughter, she brings her along. The babes arrive and lounge around in hot-tubs, lay on the beach, and traipse around in bikinis. All seems well...at the beach, that is. Back at home Jason pays a bloody visit to Stacy's parents' home and finds out where Stacy has gone.
Back at the beach, Dina (Diana Prince) and Rick (Rudy Reyes) barge in on the all-girls week-end. This is an intrusion we won't mind as Dina will give us a gratuitous shower scene and skinny-dipping scene. For you gals...Rick is quite the hunk. The intrusion will be an awkward one and Stacy is never comfortable with it. Jason and his psycho friend head toward the beach-house with rape, torture and homicide in mind. As the week-end getaway becomes more awkward and gratuitous, Stacy and her babe friends looked doomed, one way or another. Then the carnage begins and it will be imaginative and heartbreaking.
Do the bikini clad damsels stand a chance against Jason and his psycho friend? Just what is it about Dina and Rick, and their states of undress, that gives Stacy the willies? Is this beach slasher film a metaphor for the increasingly unpreparedness of coastal Carolina for an ever-increasing hurricane threat? The cheesecake and beefcake may be the highlight of this film, but Taya Parker does a sensational job not only portraying a seemingly helpless damsel, but also being the MVP of this film's production. Enjoy "Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills," and plan your next vacation to...the South Carolina beaches! This film is directed by Lawrence W. Nelson II. 

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  1. You are giving me food for thought for future posts, great stuff, can't lose with bikini babes can you?