Monday, April 8, 2019

Robowar, Humanity Hanging in the Balance

Apocalyptic wastelands are such beautiful things. Think of it...reduced to rubble are strip-malls, section eight housing complexes, and hideous football stadiums that your tax dollars financed. A good cleaning is needed for our ruined landscapes and skylines. Film wise, they provide such wonderful settings for deep human drama that can touch all of us. Hence 2018's "Robowar" (aka "Battle Bots") directed by the fantastic Mark Polonia and starring good buddy Jeff Kirkendall.
In 2039 nuclear war has decimated humanity. In America, two small groups of humans battle for survival. Caesar (Kirkendall) is a maniacal leader of a cult bent of replacing people with vicious robots (okay...maybe not a bad idea). Robots are apparently more obedient and don't require maternity leave and can't sue you. Then there are the rebels. These freedom fighters are clad in steampunk accessories and led by Drax (Tim Hatch). Two babe rebels make up America's last women, Luna (Danielle Donahue) and Scorpion (Marie DeLorenzo). They are both hot for Drax, who is a hunk in a Grade C film type of way.
Oh yes, the rebels fearing annihilation restore an old mining robot. A cute yellow thing. A rebel mutant named Squirrel (James Kelly), who just happens to have three faces, helps get the robot back on-line. Now the rebels might have a chance. Uh oh, Caesar is on to them and sends his evil robot and it demolishes our yellow friend. Even worse, he abducts the lovely Luna with the intention of marrying and breeding with her. Luna isn't keen on this plan. As Caesar sends his henchmen-mutants and the evil robot for a last offensive against Drax and the rebels, Drax tries to mount a counter-offensive to save humanity and Luna's chastity (okay, perhaps that word is a bit of an exaggeration).
Can the rebels and their inferior yellow mechanical friend fend off Caesars' offensive? With only mutants and badly deformed hunks available, should Luna change her attitude about marrying Caesar? How about Squirrel...are his three faces a metaphor for his trustworthiness? This is a fun one and Jeff Kirkendall as a Darth Vader like figure will make you forget all those awful "Star Wars" films. For some real science fiction entertainment, avoid the vomit inducing Avengers films and take in "Robowar." 


  1. Always recommend movies that would definitely entertain me wonderful review written perfectly Thank you

  2. Nice one, I agree, Star Wars was over rated, just can't follow it,this is a must see, it looks really fun!!