Monday, April 22, 2019

Pieces, Babes Felled By Chainsaw

What a love story. In the 1960s they met doing westerns. Christopher George and Lynda Day George. Quite a great looking couple. They loved each other immensely...and then Christopher died in the mid 1980s. Lynda Day George was so distraught that she left acting soon after becoming a widow. Just before Christopher's death the loving couple made "Pieces" in 1982. This may be the most gory and gratuitous film of the 1980s slasher era.  Many actresses were cast because they looked great naked and screamed well. The sultry actresses playing the victims, well most would be gone from acting within a year or two after their roles in this film.
A beautiful mom (May Heatherly) catches her little boy looking at porn and takes it away from him. The little boy responds by chopping her into pieces with an axe. 40 years later on a college campus, nubile coeds begin getting taken apart by a chainsaw wielding fiend. A beautiful sunbather (Roxana Nieto) will have her head stolen by the fiend, then Jenny (Cristina Cottrelli) will have her torso taken by same fiend. Now the police get involved, Lt. Bracken (Christopher George). He's pretty incompetent but looks really good barking out orders. We are treated to some gratuitous aerobics action. The killings continue as a beautiful tennis player and an aerobics student (Leticia Marfil and Silvia Gambino) will also lose body parts.
Desperate to find the killer, former tennis pro and undercover police women Mary (Lynda Day George) is assigned to the college. She'll pretend to be a tennis coach. Meanwhile we are treated to a gratuitous waterbed slaughter with lots of blood and a flailing damsel in distress. Suspects abound and Mary's snooping gets her on the killer's list. As Mary develops a suspect or two, Lt. Bracken yells at more people. Uh oh...we get a glimpse of what the chainsaw fiend is up to and it is demented. No spoilers here but the ending is one of the best endings ever put on film and it will have you screaming and wincing.
Just what is the killer doing with the various body parts he's absconding with? Will the sultry Detective Mary survive this assignment and if not, what appendages will she lose? Is "Pieces" a mere metaphor for the violence and misogyny that is so rampant on today's college campuses? The female victims will all be nude and their deaths will be quite gratuitous. For some really raunchy and prurient horror entertainment see "Pieces" directed by Juan Piquer Simon.


  1. I was watching this review while eating dinner, couldn't stop, it was that entertaining, great one!!!

  2. Nice synopsis I want to follow this blog

  3. One of my favourite slashers/Gialli (I consider it a hybrid) of all time, hilarious flick that never fails to put a big grin on my face & it's no wimp re the gore either. Glad you liked this one & I'd rec it to anyone, even my non horror fan GF was in stitches watching it with me. Great review Christopher & again glad you dug it. :)

  4. Awesome review and awesome slasher movie.