Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Girl in the Crawlspace, A Weird Victim

Yep...get rid of the town serial killer and all is fine...right? Well, maybe. Serial killers aside, one third of everyone you meet today will be totally insane. A hundred years ago these insaniacs would have been confined to small cells in lunatic asylums well away from major populations. Today we medicate them and send them out to go to school with your kids...or teach them, shop next to you at Costco, and coach youth sports teams. Sure...they're medicated and perhaps they even take their meds like they should. So when you say 'bye-bye' to the serial killer...don't let your guard down.
Kitty (Joni Durian) is a beautiful psychologist who has moved back to her Indiana hometown. Just in time...the town needs a good shrink. A nightmarish serial killer who abducted a lot of children and killed them has just been neutralized by the town cop, Woody (Tom Cherry). The remnants of the devil's carnage now need serious help from Kitty. The parents who lost children need help and her passion is to help them. But wait! Someone else needs her help...a survivor! Jill (Erin H. Ryan) was kept prisoner for seven years by the fiend and secreted in his home's crawlspace. Free now, Jill has a long way to go before being able to rejoin normal society.
Kitty does heroic work to reach Jill. Uh oh...Kitty has problems. Her seemingly worthless husband Johnny (John Bradley Hambrick) is an out of work screenwriter and a recovering addict. He lies to Kitty about attending recovery meetings and joins a role playing game (think Dungeons & Dragons) group. As Johnny piles on the deception, Kitty apparently makes some neat strides with Jill. Uh oh...Johnny's secrets become complicated and tie him to Jill. Uh oh Jill on the up and up? Jill's accounts of her captivity aren't adding up and what really happened to her over the past seven years may yield some deadly answers for Kitty. I'd love to tell you more, but spoilers would be so easy.
Is Jill really the helpless victim we initially believe she is? Is Kitty going to be able to handle the truths that she is on the way to uncovering? Just what is Johnny's weird connection to Jill and what will that do to his marriage to the pretty Kitty? Surprises and twists abound in this John Oak Dalton film set and shot in Indiana. For a quirky and different serial killer film see "The Girl in the Crawlspace."


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