Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Litereature Review: Velvet Dreams

Flying spider aliens...A sultry alien addicted to Meth...Homicidal virtual friend...and so much more in Jeff Dosser's new book Velvet Dreams. In this volume of short stories, Mr. Dosser has created 10 action packed, and horror filled tales that are so much fun. With the ambition of Isaac Asimov, and the ominous imagination of Poe or King, the Dosser stories are original and pull in elements that are both familiar to us and alien to the world we think we live in.
No spoilers here but I can tell you that my favorite one is "First Bite." Okay, I'm a sucker for babes in horror and scifi. We meet Eve and she's on a mission. Too sultry to stick to the playbook, she gets herself gang raped by what end up being very unfortunate good ole boys. What she does next is only mildly as interesting as what happens to her on this planet Earth. You will love it. Other dimensions, doggy doors, and macabre recipes also are included in Mr. Dosser's plot devices that may make you gasp...laugh...or re-evaluate the manner in which you view seemingly ordinary devices in your existence.
Some of these stories have a "Twilight Zone" feel to them, but others are full scale scifi epics, condensed in a few short pages. A heroic battle to save a new planetary home for Earthlings is raged as you will be introduced to the Solar Knights. Black holes and cryo-sleep will take hold in a story that takes us to a space ship the size of a Caribbean island filled with expectant pilgrims. As we endure mindless super-hero films and unwanted sequels, it is nice to see there are indeed writers with originality and imaginations that have a story to tell like Jeff Dosser.
For a fast-paced jaunt through the horrific corners of Earth that are unseen and also to far reaches of alien galaxies, find Velvet Dreams this April on Amazon. To order Velvet Dreams on Amazon click on the link below.
Velvet Dreams by Jeff Dosser

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