Thursday, April 4, 2019

Legion, Space Hunks and Space Babes vs. Creature

Versus a creature? Maybe. What a cast though...the sultry Terry Farrell...Parker Stevenson...Troy Donahue...pop star Rick Springfield...and Corey Feldman. This is an ambitious straight to video epic with lots of gore, spaceships, sweaty space babes and hunks, and war...oh yeah...a creature...maybe. Hence 1998's "Legion" which badly recreates themes from "Predator," "Alien," and "The Thing," but as a whole this one is so much fun.
The very pretty Major Agatha Doyle (Farrell), looking real good in her army uniform, is given command over a group of hardened military criminals. Rapists, murderers, deserters, religious fanatics, torturers, etc. Yep, a suicide mission is at hand. Invade and take control of an enemy base on an alien planet. Her second in command is lifer Captain Aldrich (Stevenson) who was just about to be put into the gas chamber. The team lands on the planet and invade the base...surprise, no one is there...deserted. Thinking they have an easy victory the team is then beset by something or someone who begins to pick them apart one by one.
Is there a monster there picking them off? Or is it one of the criminals in Doyle's command? One of the solders, Karlson (Gretchen Palmer) is a nymphomaniac and is killed while having pre-marital sex with it or him...or her. Now paranoia sets in and Doyle is having trouble keeping her new unit loyal to her. Aldrich comes to her defense but this act may be too late. The spacebabes don't fare well and either do the hunks. As throats get torn out and the beast (or man...or woman) goes through Doyle's unit like crap through a goose, the sweaty Doyle comes to some uncomfortable realizations about the true nature of her current mission.
With the shredding of the spacebabes in her command does Doyle have a chance with the very handsome Parker Stevenson? Is the killer a beast...or one of the hardened criminals sprung from the prison for this mission? What is in Doyle's past that got her selected to lead this suicide mission? This is an action packed scifi/horror film drawing on plot devices of some of the best horror films of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The sweaty Terry Farrell and boyish Parker Stevenson will keep fans of cheesecake and beefcake satisfied. "Legion" (directed by Jon Hess) is a perfect scifi/horror story for a rainy Friday movie night.


  1. Wow awesome review need to watch this movie right know

  2. I'm just about to buy some thickened cream to eat my cheesecake, reminds of that game in Wreck it Ralph, Medal of Honor!! great stuff.