Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tiger House, Don't Mix Crossbows with Pre-Marital Sex

Pre-marital sex, in just about every film on this blog, leads to great carnage.  In 2015's "Tiger House," directed by Thomas Daley, the added element of horseplay with a crossbow is added to the mix. A double ouch, one might say.  We've all done it....added a dangerous medieval weapon to our naughty play, but usually have escaped un-impaled. Unfortunately for Kelly (Kaya Scoldelario), this mix will result in blood, explosions, homicide, betrayals, and more blood.  Made in South Africa, let us take a peek at "Tiger House."
Recovering from a crossbow accident (don't ask...we've all done it), pretty gymnast, Kelly, sneaks into her boyfriend's (Daniel Boyd) room for some pre-marital sex.  Uh-oh!  Coinciding with this amorous whim, a team of home invaders also enter the house.  Clad in SWAT gear and gas masks, they tie up the family, as Kelly eludes them.  Unfortunately for Shane (Dougray Scott), the leader of the gang, he suffers an injury during the operation, and is quickly losing blood.  He's the brains behind the operation, and his wound enables his pal, Callum (Ed Skrein) to take some control.  This will not bode well for our victims, as Callum is a homicidal psycho.
As the plan unfolds, the dad (Andrew Brent) is brought to his bank so he can get our thugs in the vault.  If he doesn't cooperate, his family will be killed.  Now Kelly must act and try to save her BF and his family.  With her gymnastic prowess, and brains, she eludes the fiends and plots.  When she sees Callum bludgeon a poor sap to death, she begins fighting back.  Callum's evil mind has homicide as a default, and now Kelly must kill or be killed.  Yep...a crossbow will figure in all this mess. Twists and betrayals, for both sides, will complicate matters, and lead to more blood. Will our pretty little damsel prevail? Is her BF, the idiot who accidentally shot her with aforementioned weapon, worthy of being saved?
This film is a lot of fun, and very quick moving.  Without revealing spoilers, know that Kelly has a lot going on as she engages in a war.  Also vital to the plot is the deterioration of Shane, which enables Callum to fly off the handle, in what was supposed to be a neat, quick, and clean hit and run home invasion (....as if that ever happens).  Available on Netflix, enjoy "Tiger House."    

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