Monday, December 21, 2015

Pod, Even Lunatics are Right Sometimes

A criminally insane, paranoid schizophrenic lunatic living in the Maine woods is our protagonist in today's film, 2015's "Pod." Never mind that he endlessly rants of government experiments, tracking devices implanted in his tooth, human experimentation, and creatures....after all...we all go a little mad sometimes.  Of course our governments never experiment on us, and there are no monsters...right?  Written and directed by Mickey Keating, let us delve into "Pod."
As our story begins, Ed (Dean Cates), a psychologist, and his coke-head, skank sister, Lyla (Lauren Ashley Carter), drive up to Maine to check the welfare of their lunatic brother, Martin (Brian Morvant).  Martin was in the army, and discharged after he stole a tank and ripped the face of a nurse in a military hospital.....war is Hell.  Now living deep in the woods, Martin is convinced a secret military experiment is pursuing him for the purpose of keeping him from talking.  This is, of course, ridiculous.  When the siblings arrive, they find the lakeside cabin locked up, and all the windows covered.  When they get in, they are greeted by a paranoid, unstable, shotgun wielding maniac of a brother.
Martin is totally gone, but Layla actually believes his story.  Ed does not (...I guess he doesn't watch the same films we do), and desires to tranquilize his brother and return him to an institution.  Uh oh....there are indications that something is very wrong in the house.  What are those noises emanating from the basement?  Ed is sure it is the mailman, but might it be a creature?  Martin vehemently insists the creature is confined in the cellar, and Ed should not unlock the door.  Can you guess if Ed ends up unlocking the door?  Yep, that's an easy one.
This is a fast moving horror story with some predictable, but neat twists.  Mr. Morvant as an insaniac is terrific.  Ms. Carter and Mr. Cates also shine as the flawed but caring siblings. This film will serve as a great reminder to us all; if everyone says we're crazy....we still may be the smartest guy (...or gal) in the room.  Enjoy "The Pod," available on Netflix.

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