Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jennifer Help Us, Fat Chance!

Pretty Jennifer (Rachel Brennan Leyh), humiliated, beaten and held captive by three lovely high school girls.  Help them? I don't think so. Written and directed by Juan Ortiz, 2014's "Jennifer Help Us," is a horror story reminiscent of either an early 80s slasher film, or a late 70s drive-in offering.  Shot in Carrollton, Missouri, this film utilizes some great location sets and enjoys terrific acting, especially the four actresses who portray the high school girls. In fact, the local premier was held on a local farm.
Okay...Jennifer dated the BF of Tara (Alaina Dawn Sharp, kinda like Taylor Swift with an edge to her).  Bad move, as Tara proves to be quite vindictive.  Along with her two BFFs, Mindy (Courtney Bandeko) and Pegs (Kelsi Simpson), they abduct Jennifer and tie her up in the attic of an abandoned farmhouse. Girls will be girls. To this trio's credit, they do intend to set her free, after the week-end.  Unbeknownst to Tara and her gang, a lot is going to occur in the farmhouse over the week-end.  Oh yes, the farmhouse is rumored to be haunted. Enter the ghost (Jenny Gorsett).  We are given glimpses of the ghost's backstory and see that this specter is far from a Casper the Friendly Ghost type.
On Monday, our lovelies return to the house....big mistake.  Apparently, Jennifer and the ghost have developed an alliance, and now Tara, Mindy, and Pegs will be fighting for their lives.  We see that Jennifer has some influence over this evil being, and may have the power to call off the ghost's wrath. After being tied up by the girls, will Jennifer be able to show mercy upon her tormentors?  This ghost, clad in an old fashioned dress and a creepy mask, also arms herself with bladed farm equipment and a chainsaw.  A very bloody battle will follow. No spoilers here, but not all the girls will remain in one piece.

Who wins?  Watch the film to find out. Will Jennifer's alliance with the malevolent spirit have consequences which she did not bargain for? Usually that is the case.  This is a terrific film and you must see it.  To see this film, click on this link JenniferHelpUs . The entire film was shot with an iPhone 4S....absolutely amazing. Special kudos to Brian Burger, the producer, as it appears from viewing the credits, much of his family seems to have assisted in this low-budget nugget.

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