Sunday, December 13, 2015

Die Die Delta Pi, Sorority Sisters in much Peril

Over the summer I reviewed "Sorority Row" (see my review ). Lots of very attractive big name actresses met gory deaths in that one.  2013's "Die Die Delta Pi" might be termed a very low budget "Sorority Row," but just as fun.  With the feel and f/x of an 80s slasher film, our feature today will surely please us low-budget fans and also provide lots of gory deaths to attractive B-list actresses. Of course, gratuitous nudity, decapitations, disembowelment, and burnings will rule the day in this one.
In 1986, at the initiation for Delta Pi, Marissa (Olivia Blake) is burned horribly when a silly string prank goes very wrong.  While she is charring, Katherine (Shade Burnett), the sorority house mother, is slicing a dozen sorority sisters and their dates.  Are these two incidents connected?  Katey (Tanya Christianson) survives the carnage but will spend the rest of her days in an insane asylum ranting that the burned one is coming to get her.  Fast forward to present day as the Delta Pi Sorority is re-opening after the 1986 carnage.....this won't go smoothly.
Wouldn't you know it, the present day initiation takes place at the same place Marissa was fried.  Diana (Kristin Avery), Kelly (Amethist Young) and Marie (Keisha Burchard) are three beauties who are pledging.  Of course the initiation has them all strip to their undies for a spanking, after all...this is college.  As this occurs, Katey is strangled with barbed wire at the mental hospital and a killer embarks on a killing spree which will disembowel almost an entire police department, three collegiate athletes, and anyone who gets in the way.  Unfortunately for our girls, the killer makes it to the sorority house where Cindy (Lexi Balestieri), the president of Delta Pi, will be the first casualty as her face is cooked on a gas grill.  Now in a panic, the remaining beauties  seem almost helpless to the arrows, and knives of the mysterious fiend.  Could our killer be Marissa, back after almost 30 years? Will any of the babes survive?
Fans of 1980s slasher flick will love this film.  Modern day f/x are eschewed in favor of 1980s creativity to produce the gore effects. Perhaps this film will serve as a metaphor for the danger modern day coeds are in while they attend universities fraught with date-rape drugs and horny college football players.  Or perhaps "Die Die Delta Pi" is just a gratuitous and exploitative slasher film. Either way, enjoy this throwback to the 1980s and be prepared for a myriad of great kills. 


  1. I love this already! Charring, slicing & dicing...sounds like a Cooking Channel show! Of course, initiations are done in the nude. Why, I had to do my theater fraternity initiation naked while reciting Portia's speech from Merchant of Venice. Good review, Chris.