Friday, December 18, 2015

Hush, Pretty Babysitter in much Peril

One of the finest plot lines of early 1980s slasher films, a beautiful babysitter in great danger.  Michael G. Kehoe has made a short film utilizing this plot device, and does it packing a big scare. No stranger to movie-making, Mr. Kehoe has been an actor, writer, director, and you-name-it.  One of his latest projects, 2015's "Hush" has won dozens of awards, including the Wes Craven Award.  In fact, just before his death, Mr. Craven selected this short as a finalist for his award.  No big names, or gargantuan budgets, but the acting, direction, and lighting are flawless. About five minutes in length, you are all given the assignment of clicking on the link below, and viewing this short masterpiece.
Alexandra Grace plays Regan, our cute babysitter.  She is competent, and is braving a terrible thunder storm when Irene wakes up and calls to her.  No spoilers here, but what follows is pretty neat, in a horror kind of way. Because of it's length, any more plot description would serve as a spoiler.  For a quick scare before you go to bed tonight, click on this link to view a short masterpiece. View Hush
The short shocker we have discussed today will be part of a full length feature film coming late in 2016.  The production will start shortly after the new year, and Mr. Kehoe and I will maintain contact.  I expect to provide updates regarding this upcoming horror flick on this blog, so do stay tuned.

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