Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Evilspeak, Steve Jobs and Satan

From the Golden Age of slasher films, the early 80s, comes 1981's "Evilspeak."  Kind of a technological version of "Carrie," this film taps into the passing fad of home computers.  What did Apple technology look like in 1981? Watch "Evilspeak," as the Apple computer featured here is a conduit to the Prince of Darkness.  An audience in 2015 might find the first half of this film dull, but a 1981 audience was intrigued by what these new computers would do...black screen and green letters and all. Fear not, I will not mention the scene when the sultry Ms. Friedemeyer (Lynn Hancock) is ripped apart and disemboweled during a gratuitous shower scene by pigs (see below picture).
Outcast, Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard), an orphan, does not fit in at the military prep school he attends.  Bullied by the cool kids, Coopersmith is at his wits end to gain some sort of acceptance. Always being disciplined, the insecure teen is given the job of cleaning the chapel's basement. Coopersmith's fortunes change when he finds a secret room containing a satanic chapel. He sets up shop in this unholy place and hauls his Apple computer down there to help him translate a satanic black mass guide.  The computer becomes interactive and a defrocked 16th Century priest, Esteban (Richard Moll) begins feeding him instructions.
Coopersmith obeys the guidance and his enemies begin meeting tortuous and gory demises.  The final instruction will be to provide a human sacrifice.  As the bullies, led by Bubba (Don Stark) increase their attacks on Coopersmith, the spirit of Esteban begins to gain control of our put upon protagonist.  When the blood sacrifice is provided by way of some chandelier carnage, Esteban/Coopersmith sets off to mete out a bloody and satanic justice.
The last few minutes of this film will have lots of decapitations, nail to the head carnage, more disembowelment by pig scenes (apart from the lovely Ms. Friedemeyer), and fire carnage.  Will Coopersmith be able to free himself of Esteban's possession?  Does he want to? For fans of 1980s horror, a fine quality of "Evilspeak" can be found on YouTube.

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