Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mongolian Death Worm, Add them to the Barbeque

Back in 2013, just before the birth of this blog, I was sitting in the airport in Jakarta waiting for my Korean Air flight to Seoul.  The flight would take-off at midnight, and I had many connections and 30 hours before I would touchdown at Washington Dulles Airport.  I wasn't waiting to board all by myself, with me was Miss Mongolia, still wearing her sash from the Miss World Pageant.  A very nice young lady, she consented to pose for a picture.  As I waited with this pageant beauty I couldn't help think, "I should start a blog where I could review films like 'Mongolian Death Worm'." Without any more self serving stories, 2010's "Mongolian Death Worm," directed by Steven R. Monroe.
Daniel (Sean Patrick Flanery), a treasure hunting ex-pat, is diverted from searching for Genghis Khan's tomb by Alicia (Victoria Pratt) and Phillip (Nate Rubin). These two are doctors desperately trying to reach a remote village with drugs to fight a deadly fever.  Hesitatingly, Daniel becomes their driver.  At the village, Steffi (Jon Mack, lead singer for Auradrone) is the attending physician.  The locals tell her the sickness is brought on by the awakening of the Mongolian Death Worm.  At a nearby experimental drilling facility, the worms have already begun eating oil rig workers.  These giant fiends are ugly and have long menacing tongues. Is the drilling awakening these monsters? Or are these the guardians of Genghis Khan's treasure?  Or both?
Meanwhile, some Mongolian crime-lords are thrown into the mix, as they seek the same treasure Daniel is after.  These thugs abduct Daniel, Alicia and Phillip. As Steffi gets more and more desperate as her patients succumb to illness, Alicia must appeal to Daniel's altruistic side (which may not exist), in order to give him the heroics to escape from the villains and drive to Steffi's village.  Lots of drama, no doubt, but the worms are getting frisky.  They begin feasting and make a move on Steffi's hospital.  The things also burrow into the drilling plant....but why?  Will our reluctant hero, and tough doctor Alicia be able to save Steffi and the innocents at her field hospital? 
Most who have seen this film viewed it on the Syfy channel.  Shot in Texas (kind of like Mongolia, but without the glitter), this film uses the gritty landscape well  A big tip of the hat to the actors.  Both Ms. Mack and Ms. Pratt show a passion which indicates they have true admiration for the noble characters (charity doctors) they portray.  Fans of Auradrone and Ms. Mack may desire to learn about their devotion to saving endangered species at their Facebook page, at this link AURADRONE . For lots of creepy creature fun, a handsome hunk-hero, and some beautiful but tough damsels....see "Mongolian Death Worm."

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