Saturday, December 19, 2015

Queen Crab, Stop Motion Creatures make Comeback

2015's low-budget, "Queen Crab," may be a brand new film, but it is a terrific throwback to a purer era.  No CGI here, but some neat stop motion f/x gets our monstrous crustacean on the warpath. Finally a companion piece to Roger Corman's Attack of the Crab Monsters can now grace our DVD collections.  Written and directed by Brett Piper, this menacing crab creature is combined with beautiful damsels, good ole boy hunting posses, a scientist, and a few surprises in a monster movie that would have appeared on Creature Feature back in the 1970s.
Just before her parents are killed in a laboratory explosion, little Melissa allows her pet crab to eat berries from her dad's lab.  These berries were an experiment, and cause PeeWee to grow to the size of a house.  Melissa (Michelle Simone Miller) has foregone any social life and 20 years later is devoted to the care of her named Goliath. No one knows of Goliath's existence, but this won't last.  After destroying a barn and eating some cattle, Sheriff Ray begins to investigate.  Also, the sultry actress Jennifer (Kathryn Metz) arrives in town for a surprise visit to her old pal, Melissa.  Also, Stewart (A.J. DeLucia), a state wildlife investigator, and crab expert is called in. Now under much scrutiny, Goliath has babies who are very hungry.  As the little crabs feast on poor schmucks, and Goliath feels threatened by invading humans, major league carnage begins.
As the stunning Jennifer attempts to rekindle her friendship with Melissa, Melissa lets her in on some bizarre secrets.  Sheriff Ray and Stewart inch closer to those secrets and to the lair of the monster crab.  Melissa believes the crab is merely misunderstood, and only attacked when it felt threatened. Cattle carcasses, dead bartenders, and some now clawed to death townspeople force the hand of the authorities and now even the U.S. Air Force gets involved.  The ending will be explosive and contain a few twists.
In over a century of fine horror films, only a few have delved into the angst of the crustacean community.  "Queen Crab" does that, exploring the hopes and ambitions of our shelled, clawed partners in this tragic comedy we call life on Earth.  Is Goliath destined for a peaceful existence with Melissa, and perhaps the stunning Jennifer?  Or, is Goliath destined to be an entree at Red Lobster? Find out by purchasing the DVD at a very reasonable price on Amazon.

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