Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teachers' Day, A Psycho and Lots of Girls in Underwear

Neo-Sexploitation....I think I have coined that term today. Today's feature, 2014's "Teachers' Day" (aka "After School Massacre") is just that.  30 years ago this feature would have graced the drive-in theaters...today, straight to DVD.  A slasher film, no doubt, but the strength of "Teachers' Day" is the alluring qualities of the actresses.  The actresses portray 17 year old high school nymphomaniacs who dance around in sexy underwear, confess to naughty deeds, make-out a lot, take showers together, have pre-marital sex, and have food fights.  Oh yeah, in between all all of that...many of them get sliced and diced.
History teacher, and hunk, Mr. Anderson (Bruce Kade) is fired for chatting on social media with his babe student, Devon (Nikole Howell).  Devon and her BFF Jess (Savannah Matlow) have both had relationships with Anderson.  Upon being fired, Anderson murders the principle and his very beautiful and buxom secretary (Mindy Robinson).  Unfortunately for Devon and her friends, Anderson is aware of their slumber party that evening, and dons a ski mask and heads over there.  The girls arrive and quickly strip to there underwear (see photo above).  The party begins with the girls confessing naughty deeds to each other, and some will shower together.  Lots of gratuitous underwear shots ensue, and stud Luke (Andrew Phillips) is present for some gratuitous make-out and bed scenes.  Then Anderson arrives, and the nubile teens start turning into lukewarm corpses.
Anderson has no mercy for the girls, as he blames them for his firing.  An electric carving knife, a mailbox, garden clippers, and a curling iron are just some of his tools for murder.  One unfortunate babe is even drowned in a barrel as she bobs for apples....clad in underwear, of course.  There will be GRATUITOUS SEX SCENES, GRATUITOUS SHOWER SCENES, GRATUITOUS RUBDOWN SCENES, and a GRATUITOUS UNDERWEAR FOOD FIGHT SCENE.  These cinematic treasures will all be interspersed with bloody murder scenes.  Oh yes....did I mention the backstory?  Erica (Abby Summers) committed suicide at Devon and Jess' last slumber party, and her ghost appears.  In one weird scene, Erica's ghost has a near lesbian tryst with one of the gals.  As you can see...there is a lot here...in addition to babes in underwear.
For some very gratuitous cinema...see "Teachers' Day."  This might be the finest film chronicling the plight of our public school children since "Blackboard Jungle."  Except this one is much more titillating.  Oh yes....stay tuned for the credits and see Nikole Howell rap...she does a fine job.  Terrific acting, and I should mention Jared Masters, the director.  It was apparent that the cast had so much fun during the making of this film.  The DVD is reasonably priced on Amazon. 

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