Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Exit to Hell, Tiffany Shepis and Kane Hodder

Yep!  A can't miss combo.  A horror Hall-of-Fame of the 21st Century would absolutely include Kane Hodder and Tiffany Shepis.  I first saw Ms. Shepis in "The Hazing," and then "Abominable." Then, gradually dozens of other horror films. Kane Hodder, coming up on 60 years of age, is the most famous monster of all time.  He has played Jason Voorhees and Hatchet, and is responsible for the murders of perhaps hundreds of, semi-deserving victims in slasher films.  Today, we examine 2013's "Exit to Hell," a Grindhouse offering from Robert Conway. Be warned....this is a film starring Kane Hodder and Tiffany Shepis.  Gore, nudity, disembowelment, and more gore will prevail.  This dark film will show no mercy, just as Mr. Hodder's best characters are created.
As our film begins, we are briefly introduced to Redstone, Arizona.  The worst vermin of mankind seem to end up there.  Two drug dealers, having just ripped off other drug dealers, run out of gas there.  Sheriff Sickle (Hodder), armed with....a sickle...disembowels them.  Fast forward...a strip joint run by the Russian mob, featuring Electra, aka Jenna (Shepis), is the main event there.  Her and a babe bartender, Tasha (Taryn M. Dafoe), along with two other club workers, Travis (Dustin Leighton) and Randy (Owen Conway) rip the joint off one night.  The robbery is vicious, as our quartet kill just about everyone in the place.  Jenna even uses her stiletto heel as a weapon. The press labels the carnage as "The Silicone Massacre."  Uh oh....Yakov (Jason Spisak), the mobster/owner wants his loot, and pursues.
Driving toward the border, our miserable quartet runs out of gas in....Redstone.  After dealing with a disgusting restroom, and a creepy gas station attendant (Dan Higgins) our killers quickly find themselves on the run from Sheriff Sickle.  Armed with a cop cruiser fitted with a rocket launcher, and some features that would impress Mad Max, the chase is a short one.  First captured is Tara (pictured above), and her fate is most gruesome.  Sickle is all killer...and all cannibal, as Jenna will find out when she is captured and forced to dine with Sickle and his cannibal family.  No spoilers here, but every character we meet maxes out in either the evil or creepy category.  No one will emerge unscathed....but will anyone survive? The ending is quirky, and the acting is perfect.  Not for the squeamish, but lovers of Grindhouse and dark horror will love this action flick.
Stomach turning and energetic, "Exit to Hell" is a good elixir if you have small children and have just viewed several episodes of "Veggie Tales" or "Thomas the Tank Engine."  Chainsaws, butcher tools, guns, and big knives are all featured prominently in this film.  Available on Netflix, enjoy Ms. Shepis and Mr. Hodder...two stalwarts of modern horror.   


  1. Loved this! Great review! I think I must see!!! >:D

  2. You had me in "Gore, nudity, disembowelment, and more gore will prevail." This is definitely the kind of dark horror film lovers will love. Amazing review, as usual.