Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sorceress, Twin Playboy Playmates in Much Peril

Toward the end of 1982's "Sorceress," scores of sacrificial virgins in white togas are carried off by an army of the undead and de-virginized.   Yes...a Roger Corman film is our feature today.  Fans of "Deathstalker" and "Hundra" will love this film, set in a mythical world, long, long ago.  Of course, the main appeal of this movie are Playboy Playmate twins, Leigh and Lynette Harris.  Though neither of these ladies ever succeeded at the acting profession, their performances in "Sorceress" were exactly what was called for in any Roger Corman Film.  Naive, but shapely damsels with swords, attitude and no tan lines deliver much excitement and guilt pleasure in this lost classic.
When we first meet Mira and Mara (Leigh and Lynette Harris), they are...of course...skinny dipping.  These twins were rescued from their village long ago when Traigon (Robert Ballesteros) slaughtered their mom.  Prophecy indicates that if Traigon sacrifices the twins to the god Calgara (...ancient Chinese secret), he will rule the universe...or maybe it was just the planet.  The twin babies are now shapely young women, and Traigon's men find their village....and destroy it.  Upon their return from skinny dipping, our twins fend off the invasion and befriend a Viking warrior, Valdar (Bruno Rey) and his man/beast Pando (David Millbern).  The twins are fascinated by Pando's [CENSORED], as he has a rather large one.  Furious that their village has been wiped-out, Mira and Mara embark on a quest to take the fight to Traigon.
As Valdar and the twins enter the village, they are also joined by hunk Erlick (Roberto Nelson).  Traigon is smart and with the help of the Princess Delissia (Ana De Sade, pictured below), set traps for the twins and capture them.  Delissia, an impressive piece of royalty herself, is jealous of the twins, as she wants 100% of Traigon's affections.  Valdar and Erlick assist the twins in their escape, but Traigon is able to recapture Mira.  Uh oh, Delissia and Traigon plan to sacrifice Mira on an altar to Calgara (..ancient Chinese secret).  Now Mara and Valdar must mount a counter-attack in which they will battle extraordinary odds.  An army of the undead, an army of the not-so dead, snakes, catacombs, evil magic, and aroused beasts will all be hindrances to rescuing our nubile Playmate.  The plotting Delissia and emerging sexual desires of the twins won't make matters any easier.
Will Traigon's evil plans come to fruition?  What fate awaits our blonde beauties?  Will the virgins still be considered virgins if they are raped by soldiers who died centuries ago?  Isn't it just like Roger Corman to provoke the important questions of our time?  This is the second time this blog has featured twins appearing in Playboy (see my review of "Twins of Evil" from May 8, 2014). I'm guessing if Playboy Playmate twins appear in any other film in the future, I will also get that movie on this blog.

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