Friday, June 26, 2015

Alyce Kills, Girl gone Homicidal

Battered, bloodied, and bruised....but alive! Hence Tamara Feldman's ultimate fate in the original "Hatchet" film.  She may have survived the ultimate slasher, but can she survive her BFF?  2011's "Alyce Kills" (aka "Alyce") will deliver a more fatal outcome for the beautiful Ms. Feldman.  Be warned, unsettling is the keyword for today's film.  If you were freaked out by AnnaLynne McCord in "Excision," or Catherine Deneuve in "Repulsion," then Jade Dornfeld, as Alyce, will certainly give you nightmares.  Sorry for this next sentence, but I quote, from this film, "...lesbo-necrophile, f***ed up s**t."  Yep, this one will make you squirm.  However psychological much of the horror is here, "Alyce Kills" also has plenty of gore.
Alyce (Dornfeld) returns to her social clique after not being able to make it on her own in the financial world.  Carroll (Feldman) is all too happy to have her BFF back, and the two go out on a night of misbehaving, ecstasy, drugs, and perhaps some lesbian sex.  Accidentally, Alyce pushes Carroll off the roof, beginning a mental degeneration...which may have begun well before the reunion.  As Carroll's ghost keeps visiting and accusing Alyce, our protagonist revisits acquaintances of Carroll's recent past who may have really been responsible for her demise. Carroll's two-timing boyfriend, the chick who replaced her, and a couple of drug suppliers all earn Alyce's attention.  As Alyce's mental state, fraught with guilt and failure, becomes homicidal....Carroll's old "friends" are in for a most painful and torturous adventure.
No one just dies in this film.  The death scenes are elongated and will cause you to wince.  Alyce will utilize hacksaws, knives, baseball bats, blenders, microwaves, and guns to complete her demented goal.  Which begs an important question, what is her goal?  Even Carroll's death is more complicated than falling off a building....which may have contributed to Alyce's downfall.  The beautiful young lady that is Alyce quickly becomes a sweet talking monster.  As Alyce goes through Carroll's recent past with the finesse of a drunk butcher, her connection to reality seeps away.  However incapable Carroll is to deal with the angst of her life, Alyce sees atonement in doing those dealings for her.
Fans of "American Mary" will love "Alyce Kills."  Look close and see references to Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."  Dark, gory, and witty...this film will definitely deliver on the blood and guts (literally).  Perhaps a touch of feminist ideology keeps Alyce likable to the viewer, but do not be afraid to lose the metaphor and enjoy this film as a horror story. Available on Netflix.  

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