Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cyborg 009-1: Japanese Cyborg and Cat-Fights

Clad in a leather mini-skirt, thigh high red boots, and a top containing machine-gun breasts, Cyborg 009-1 is ready to save the world.  The seductive Mayuko Iwasa has the title role, and before the film is over, she will be challenged by other hot cyborgs, beautiful Japanese femme fatales, mad-scientists, covert evil government organizations, and a helicopter gunship.  Samurai swords, machine guns, bombs, and military weapons all play vital roles in our film today.  Oh yes, let's not forget about the army of undead mutants.  Of course, since this film is from Japan, the proverbial envelope will be shoved, as our beautiful cyborg will also be lesbian-raped by another babe-cyborg.
Undercover (..not much cover, actually) in a strip club, 009-1 captures the attention of Stinger (Ryohei Abe), a crime lord.  He beckons her to a back room, where they engage in pre-marital sex.  After soliciting secrets out of him, Stinger realizes she is a spy and attempts to shoot her.  Bad idea!  A machine-gun battle erupts, and 009-1 mows down all the criminals letting Stinger's GF, Butterfly (Shizuka Midorikawa) escape after their first cat-fight.  009-1 is a government cyborg working for the west, as the eastern bloc attempts to gain a cold war advantage.  The human side of 009-1 has no memories of her past, and is tasked to find her creator, Dr. Klein (Aya Sugimoto).  Klein, kidnapped by the east, has important secrets, and 009-1 finds her quickly.  During the rescue of Dr.Klein, 009-1 will have some great cat-fights with three babe eastern spies.  Uh-oh...Dr. Klein treats 009-1 as an inanimate object, and appears to be more evil than the eastern enemy.
Bad guys in the west are capturing refugees from the east and harvesting their organs...and Dr. Klein is the recipient of the organs.  009-1 raids the warehouse where this is taking place, getting into another cat-fight with the hot Butterfly, and rescuing the refugees. A mysterious refugee, Chris (Minehiro Kinomoto) hums a melody which triggers childhood memories for 009-1.  The two grow close, and engage in pre-marital sex and vow to find her memories together.  After several double-crosses, 009-1 realizes that even her own organization is bent on her destruction.  On her own, 009-1 seeks out Dr. Klein, whom she believes has the answers to her past.  More battles ensue, and Dr. Klein captures 009-1, unleashing another hot cyborg (Nao Nagasawa) on her.  Chained to a table, with her breast guns deactivated, the evil cyborg rapes 009-1.  Of course, 009-1 escapes and must battle an army of undead mutants before finishing her trek of discovering her past.
 The ending will be wild, as 009-1 reactivates her breast guns.  As 009-1 comes upon shocking truths about her past, and endures a myriad of betrayals, her fight becomes personal.  This film is fun, and shocking at the same time.  Ms. Iwasa is stunning as the cyborg, and her sex-appeal is one of this film's many strengths.  Her cat-fights with Butterfly, the eastern spies, and the evil cyborg, alone, are worth the price of admission.  Available on Netflix as "009-1: The End of the Beginning," fans of Japanese exploitation will not want to miss this feature.

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