Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[REC]4: Apocalipsis, An Info-Babe Saves the World

From Spain, comes the newest installment of the [REC] franchise...and it is the most exciting one!  Fans of Kate Beckinsale will love Manuela Velasco.  In fact, if Ms. Beckinsale ever stops portraying Selene in "Underworld" films, Ms. Velasco would be a perfect replacement.  Back to our movie, "[REC]4: Apocalipsis" is a proverbial roller-coaster of thrills, scares, and gore.  Set immediately after the original [REC] ends, the fourth installment is all horror ( comedy, like in the third one).  Lots of twists will keep you guessing, and the ending may surprise you (no spoilers here).
A team enters the original apartment building from the first [REC] film to plant bombs.  Most of the team is wiped out, but two firefighters, Lucas (Crispulo Cabezas) and Guzman (Paco Manzanado) manage to extract Angela (Velasco) an apparent uninfected info-babe. In the next scene, this trio wakes aboard a cargo ship off the Spain coast, with no knowledge how they got there.  The team of doctors (mad-scientists?) caring for them determine that none of them are carrying the virus (or so they think).  This medical team headed by Dr. Ricarte (Hector Colome) are up to something.  The ship has had it's lifeboats immobilized and radio communications with Spain cut off....but why? Uh oh, these doctors are also working on an anti-virus, but somehow the host to the virus has escaped...or was it let out?  
You can imagine, this hyper-rabies virus goes through the ship like crap through a goose.  As the non-infected population of the ship decrease, and monster population grow, Dr. Ricarte makes a fascinating discovery.....Angela is the carrier.  Now the surviving crew is tasked with tracking her down.  Angela insists she is fine, but the proof seems insurmountable.  With no friends, Angela, if she is right, must survive the hunt (...and the infected) and figure out who the carrier is.  With the help of Nick (Ismael Fritschi), a drooling fan and the ship's IT guy, the two fight off ominous forces which include mad-scientists, Lucas and Guzman, rabid monkeys, and a self-destruct system activated by Ricarte.  With harpoons, spears, an ax,  and an outboard motor, their defense will be a gory one. In one scene, a dozen charging, rabid monkeys are pureed by the aforementioned outboard motor.
Is Angela infected? However unlikable our mad-scientists are...are they right in wanting to terminate our info-babe? If the uninfected survive, what condition will Spain be in after a couple of known outbreaks?  This movie will keep you guessing, and in many places, your guesses will be wrong. All action!  All gore! Terrific acting!  See "[REC]4: Apocalipsis," which is available on Netflix. 

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