Sunday, June 14, 2015

Self Storage, Organ Harvesting for God and Country

As we eagerly await Eric Roberts' new film, "Human Centipede 3," let's enjoy this gem that has flown under the radar.  2013's "Self Storage," is a gory horror flick starring both Roberts and Michael Berryman...and some great looking young actors and actresses...most of whom will be dissected. Like many great horror films, our hero (Tom DeNucci) is a loser...stuck in a dead end job as a security guard at a storage facility.  "Self Storage" also has the distinction of the greatest film ever shot in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Walter (Roberts) runs a self storage lot.  He is actually quite industrious, and the lot is just cover so he can continue his mad-scientist activities.  A former Major in battle campaigns in the middle-east, Walter was a surgeon in the war.  Currently he abducts people, hauls them to a make-shift operating room in one of his units, and dissects them..selling the organs for big money.  Trevor (Berryman) was his former Sargent, and now his top security guard and accomplice.  Jake (DeNucci) is a loser, and the night watchman at this facility.  What Jake does not know, when he invites some really sexy friends over to the unit after hours, is that Walter is responsible for lots of missing people in the area. Thinking Walter and Trevor are gone for the evening the sex crazed teens arrive with weed, booze, and inflated libidos.  The clean cut chick, Sara-Marie (Gillian Williams) falls in love with Jake during the party.  
Uh oh...Jake, unbeknownst to himself, accidentally destroys (with an acid shower) Walter's stash of victims and organs.  Walter's contact is on his way to the facility where Walter is supposed to sell the harvested organs which will go to soldiers in the middle-east.  Furious, Walter and Trevor begin to prey on the teens to resupply his organ stash.  Pre-marital sex, pot smoking, drinking, and bongs are occupying all the teens, making them easy kill, except for Jake and Sara-Marie who are off on their own engaging in pre-marital sex and laser tag.  The kills are gory, and lots of organs are exposed.  One killing is done with a high-heeled shoe.  Adding to the teens' angst is the fact that Walter removes their organs and body parts while they are conscious.
Will Jake's new love, Sara-Marie, inspire him to become a hero?  Is Walter's desire to support the troops (...with fresh organs) justification for the horror he is inflicting?  The acting is terrific, and Jake's transformation from loser to potential hero is fun to watch.  Gillian Williams is terrific and captivating as the smart, semi-clean cut babe. For gore, scares, and a neat surprise ending, find "Self Storage" on Netflix.

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