Thursday, June 18, 2015

Demon Resurrection, Satanists on Long Island

When visiting Long Island, beware!  The supernatural is not confined to Amityville.  Shot in Long Island, 2008's "Demon Resurrection" is an over-the-top, gory horror film written and directed by William Hopkins. Inscribed on the backside of the DVD, in describing this movie, "H.P. Lovecraft meets Night of the Living Dead."  A good description, no doubt.  However, my catch-line for Mr. Hopkins' flick is "Inseminoid meets The Devil's Rain."  Gore, nudity, disembowelment, a monster baby, and a neat Necrominocon-like book.....a perfect movie for this blog.
An archaeological dig on Long Island unearths a mass grave, 200 years old. The dig is funded by Toth (Will McDonald, pictured below), who has a special interest in the grave's occupants...all buried wearing nooses. Fast forward....John (Damian Ladd) brings Grace (Alexis Golightly) home.  Grace is suffering from a mysterious malady (....if you call being pregnant with Satan's child a malady...let's not be judgmental).  Awaiting them are several of Grace's friends....zombie bait...who plan an intervention.  Over the past year, Grace has not been fact, she joined Toth's cult.  At first, all was serene in the cult, but that changed when they stripped her, tied her to a tree, and had her raped by a demon from the underworld.  As one might imagine, this soured Grace on this cult. 
Miffed that John rescued Grace from his compound, Toth pays them a visit.  John orders Toth off his property.  Toth does leave, but not before warning the friends to leave before sundown...or else.  Oh yes, using satanic powers, Toth causes John to have a heart episode.  Toth then does a short ceremony out of his magic book and the unearthed corpses re-animate.  Obedient to Toth, the dead-army sets its sight on the house where Grace is giving birth.  Now Grace, who's water has broke, and her friends must fortify their house and defend against a horde who rip out vital organs and intestines for their dinner.  Many of the friends will die horrible deaths at the hands of these hungry creatures, but can Grace and some of her mates survive the night?  Don't sell Grace short...she has her own copy of this magic book.  As Toth is determined to abduct Grace, and the child (Satan's child, actually), Grace will have some very uncomfortable decisions to make.
William Hopkins' direction reminded me a bit of Lucio Fulci.  In some ways, this film resembles that great Italian horror of the 70s and 80s, and in some ways, it resembles Japanese horror in that some of the scenes push that proverbial envelope.  Not for the squeamish, "Demon Resurrection" will deliver on scares, gore, and surprises.  Ms. Golightly is terrific as a woman, seemingly defeated, who pulls it together to do anything she has to in order to save her and her friends.  Find this film and add it to your DVD collection. Available on (DVD and Instant Video).

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